Any fans?

I'm on my 2nd or 3rd 4 ml decant of it. The opening I could take or leave, it actually smells kind of feminine to me. The dry down is amazing though. Woods and spices that are irresistible. I went to Wal Mart tonight to do a late night grocery order.. there were maybe 8 people in the store. A guy complimented me and asked what the name of it was and I told him and he typed it in on his phone. Then when i was checking out, the lady who rang me up complimented me. She said it didn't reek of chemicals, and we started to talk about fragrances, she said she also works at the Chanel counter part time at Macy's. She actually put her nose right up to my arm and said "wow" and smiled. I think it made her boring night. It made my shopping experience more pleasant as well, and it made me realize that Paprika Brasil's dry down is no joke, folks.

All of this happened after PR was applied to my skin -- about 5-6 hours ago.. so 5-6 hours in. Still projecting. I think what is so great about most of the Hermessence fragrances, is their projection. I mean.. ya they're unique, but they project in the beginning, middle and end, so everyone around you gets to smell everything. Some may say they are completely linear and the same from start to finish, but I strongly disagree. They all go through subtle changes, like how a tomato grows. It's green and small for so many days, and you don't notice it changing. Then one day, ya walk outside, and your tomato is bright red, ready to be picked and devoured. (We have a massive green house here--so there's the analogy :P)