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    Angry Is my bottle of Creed's Spring Flower Authentic?

    I reccently purchased a bottle of Creed's Spring Flower from for my girlfriend, and am a bit worried that it may be a counterfeit.

    I've seen a lot of discussion on counterfeit Creeds, but nothing for Spring Flower.

    Here is what it is supposed to look like:

    Here are a few pictures of the bottle I bought:

    The things about it that worry me are as follows:
    1. No plastic shrink wrap
    2. The box is white, not pink as on Creed's website. Also the label is different.
    3. I heard there was supposed to be a paper inside the box written in four languages, this was not there.
    4. There was no little "bow" wrapped around the neck of the bottle, as is shown on the Creed website.(This really worries me)
    5. There is a phrase written in some middle eastern language on the box.

    Despite these worries, the fragrance does smell just like the one I tested at Nordstrom.

    The lot number located on the bottom of the box (on a price tag) matches that of the bottle.

    Should I be concerned about this being counterfeit, or does it seem real to you all?

    Thanks for your help in this matter.

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    Default Re: Is my bottle of Creed's Spring Flower Authentic?

    Creed never come shrink wrapped.
    Actually your bottle looks real to me. Never seen a bottle with a ribbon on!
    The middle eastern language is on most fragrance boxes now.
    The incert is just a bit of paper telling you Creed have been around since Napoleon was in nappies. Its not important.
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    Default Re: Is my bottle of Creed's Spring Flower Authentic?

    Despite the Creed logo obnoxiously embossed all over the box, I'd say it looks legit, mainly because you're showing the inside of the cap having two pieces.

    Right now an easy way to determine the men from the boys is to pull the atomizer off and take a look at the ring of its base. If it's white plastic, you've got the genuine article. Anything else is fake.

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