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Thread: Longevity

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    Default Longevity

    My skin eats up a lot of scents and nothing lasts on me
    how do you make a scent last? most scents only last
    like 30 mins even good silage 2 hours so what can i
    do to make a scent last longer.

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    Default Re: Longevity

    Same here. I spray on my clothes. Scents last a good amount of time that way.

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    Default Re: Longevity

    some scents disappear quick with me too. I followed the advice of spraying on my chest, before putting my shirt on, and it did the trick. It made a scent that was lasting an hour or two last about 6 or 7 hours...
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    Default Re: Longevity

    I spray on my armpits and on the shirt in the armpit. As others were saying, the clothes keep the smell for longer. The downside is that sillage is reduced. But then I get a nice whiff whenever I put my nose in my suit. If you wear a suit, you can also put a perfumed piece of paper or handkerchief in the breast pocket.


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    Default Re: Longevity

    Try using an unscented lotion prior to spraying.

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    Default Re: Longevity

    I always apply unscented lotion on my skin (letting it dry for about 30 mins.)* before wearing any fragrance, which really helps prolong scent life.

    *If you don't have 30 mins., use a hair dryer.

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    Default Re: Longevity

    Thanks CACIO - good tip!

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    Default Re: Longevity

    I'm quite new to the world of scents (although always wearing it, I've only just started to get serious about it - that is, not just wearing the obvious, trendy or gifted scents). Some scents last for ages with me, and others are gone in what seems like minutes. When you say unscented lotion, why is this? I understand why unscented - obviously!! Is it the moistness that holds the scent better?
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    Yes, moist skin will hold scents longer than dry skin. That is why people usually get more longetivity and silliage (and some stay away from really strong scents) in the summer.

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