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    Question Le Temps D'une Fete....

    I've been following this site for a while and, while it's intriguing, it's still a foreign language to me. Most fragrances nauseate me, give me a headache or remind me of old ladies lunching at B.Altman ca. 1965. I still can't quite figure out my fragrance persona... good news is that I recently tried a sample of - and subsequently bought - Le Temps D'une Fete edt (Nicolai) and I'm loving it - it seems to bring back some old (good) memories of (early) Femme(Rochas) and Andiamo (Borghese). Is there anything these all have in common? If so, what is it that I should be looking for as far as fragrance notes, families, etc. in the future?

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    I love Temps d'une fete too, truly beautiful. I don't know the other two perfumes you mentioned, but Temps d'une fete is a green floral, so you may want to look into this category. A favorite example of green floral is Chamade by Guerlain (all concentrations, but the expensive perfume concentration is the best).

    Other, easier to find but more distant, green florals are Private Collection by Estee Lauder (the standard one, not the flankers), Chanel n. 19, Chanel Cristalle, Gucci Envy.


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