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    Question Vanille Insensee

    I am about to obtain a sample of Vanille Insensee by Atelier. I wonder if any of you have tried this one as I am looking for feedback. This fragrance is a cologne with 15% concentration, which is seemingly a contradiction in terms. It is vanilla and I am so addicted to vanilla.

    Also thinking about Amande Sucree by Sinfonia di Note. Almond and ambre. Any thoughts?
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    OK I got a sample of this, and tried it last night, and found it unpleasant. Kinda compelling but unpleasant. I think it would be good to keep fleas off the cat? It smelled like citronella and pennyroyal or something, very sort of vibrating-green-loud. I fell asleep before the vanilla, and there was no smell left in the morning, it may get better over time but I personally would not be able to wear it.

    Definitely try it before buying!

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    Default Re: Vanille Insensee

    I did not like it at all - quite nasty.
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