Hi everyone, I just received a 3.4 bottle of Versace Pour Homme EDT purchased on Ebay, it came as part of a three piece set [cologne, shower gel, aftershave] with no box. The owner said it was purchased at macy's after christmas with damaged packaging
-The bottle looks legit, solid, heavy
-The sprayer tube had bubbles in it before I sprayed it [does that mean it's been unused before]?, now it's all gone after I sprayed it
HOWEVER, I noticed some particles floating around in the cologne, and I sprayed it on my wrists a half hour ago, the scent is still strong.
-No rashes or itching or redness has occurred

is it normal for cologne to have some particles floating around?
is this real Versace Pour Homme cologne?
And does this happen in your cologne/parfum bottles too?

thanks so much.