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    Default Ortigia Sandalo?

    I've been periodically trying to find out about this fragrance. The bottles sure look good as does the house info.

    Has anyone an opinion to share on this scent.......or this house for that matter?

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    Default Re: Ortigia Sandalo?

    I sampled most of the Ortigia line when they were carried in a local store a few years back. The packaging was stunning - the kind of thing you couldn't bear to lock away in a cupboard. I specifically sought out the Sandalo, as sandalwood is a touchstone note for me. I found the Sandalo light in a good way - the concentration (edc or edt) was perfect for the scent. Not a linear sandalwood scent or particularly heavy on the woody note(s) - it's got some good blending, and is not a typical citurs-drying-down-to woods thing either. I never got around to buying my own bottle, but given another chance, I would.

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    Default Re: Ortigia Sandalo?

    Thank you my friend. If I can't get a sample, I may just blind-buy.

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