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    Default Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    I tried this, it was fleeting, almost a skin-scent on dry down. Wondering whether I got a bad batch or a fake? Do they fake Penhaligon's?
    The powdery accord registers, as does the bergamot, assuming that's what gives it the sharp start. The spices are there, but it's all very gentle and rather girly.
    There's also a sharp sandalwood (as opposed to smooth, at least I assume it's sandalwood) until it dries down.
    Not sure what to make of it. I expected something stronger, more dense, with more projection or sillage. There's also a baby oil-lotion-cream smell, as though I've gone to town with J&J bath products.
    Any ideas or opinions? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    If you're missing the rose part of the fragrance then something is off. Was this a sample or a full bottle?

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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    I get rose, but also jasmine and something indolic. Full Bottle.
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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    But the rose element is not strong. Not sure whether this is my skin chemistry or because I'm used to more obvious rose notes: Iquitos, Paris, Noir de Noir, Black Aoud. Not that I expected it to be as strong as those, but HB smells more gentle than expected, especially from reading reviews. The spice is there, but it's an extremely low-key scent, in my opinion. A slight sweaty note too, not unpleasant, but again, muffled.
    Le Mentaliste Magnifique

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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    I find the opening accord of lavender and rose quite strong - and exhilirating. It lasts a good 2-3 hours for me before the powdery drydown of a sort of powdery rose commences. That goes on for another 3 hours, or more if it has been absorbed by my shirt. Though I love the opening, I don't like the powder it finally devolves to.

    I think there is some bergamot nuancing the lavender (it is a very dialectical scent, with all of the notes lined up on the sides of the rose or the lavender until the rose finally wins), but I have never detected sandalwood. Possibly it is the lavender note, with all that is hiding behind it? It can smell sort of sharp and green. But on the whole, personally, I find it a smooth accord indeed...

    There is the possibility that the bottle is rather old, if you bought it on ebay. I am not sure how that would affect it.

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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    Saw a thread on Badger & Blade that pooh-poohed the idea of fake Penhaligon's. To be fair, mine looks okay, fully boxed, with the raised glass logo on the back, the bow, no sediment - the works. So probably not a fake. I'm just surprised at the gentleness of the scent.
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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    Merely: Do you think the scent would get weaker with age? My experience of scents going off is a rather astringent and/or alcoholic quality as opposed to a muting of the composition.
    Agreed, there's a bit of lavender, but the general feel of the perfume is thin. Probably body chemistry, or maybe I'm used to ones with more heft. The old style English scents I own (by Crown) have a similar feel, except maybe more bracing and less round on dry down.
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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    lodz: I am afraid I really don't know whether it would grow weaker with age - it was merely a guess. Apparently some perfumes come with best-by dates that can be deciphered somewhere on the packaging, though I admit I've never looked for it on my bottle of Hammam Bouquet. Perhaps it has none.

    When it reaches its powdery dry-down stage, it is pretty much a skin-scent only, though it projects a little more from cloth. Yet the opening and initial development (say 40 minutes) is in my experience a heady occasion of finely nuanced rose and lavender, each distinct, and with a fair amount of sillage. But nothing monstrous, like some aquatics have.

    I would suggest giving it more time, since it is an unusual fragrance. It took me a few weeks to come to some understanding of it.

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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    Thank you, Merely and Gilgamesh for your helpful replies. I will give it more time, more wear, and also get a second opinion from SO.
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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    I sampled Hammam Bouquet (along with every other Penhaligons fragrance!) at their shop in Edinburgh. I liked quite a few of them but after testing my 2 or 3 favourites (on my arms) and wandering around Edinburgh for a couple of hours they had all but disappeared. One of the ones I sampled was Hammam Bouquet which, on balance, was probably my favourite being unique and unusual in its aroma but the poor projection and even poorer longevity put me off spending 52.00 on a bottle!! I can clearly remember smelling the oil-lotion smell you describe - a little like the zinc and castor oil cream we can buy in UK chemists to treat baby's nappy (diaper) rash!! A comforting smell but maybe not one to go out smelling of! The opening notes were quite sharp and heady with a distinct whisky note but the drydown, brief as it was, seemed mainly to be the powdery, oil smell you describe. These samples were straight out of the shop so I'm sure you haven't got a dodgy batch - we maybe just have similar skin chemistry (and nasal passages!!)

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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    Derbyman: Agreed, it smells a little like nappy-rash cream. It's not unpleasant, in fact very gentle and soothing. I'm just going through a 'powerhouse' phase and this certainly isn't that! However my opinion on whether I love it or not might change with more wear, as Merely said.
    On me HB is unexpectedly 'pretty', for want of a better word. The indoles in the jasmine note are reminiscent of Joy EdT, which is also rather pretty.
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    Default Re: Lasting power and development of Hammam Bouquet?

    Just to clarify, it you've got a brand new bottle, it has been reformulated and even more of the rose otto has been removed as well as the addition of even more strident synthetics. The box and bottle design has also changed. If anywhere it mentions the new address on Beauchamp Street (on the bottom of bottle or on the side of box) it is the reformulated version. Hammam has been altered a little bit here and there over the past 20 years, but in the latest formulation it has really hit rock bottom.

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