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    Default Antonia by Puredistance

    Ladies, I'm not seeing enough discussion about Antonia. It's receiving glowing reviews from everyone who has sampled it. Antonia is an example of what a masterpiece smells like. Once I smelled a sample on my wife, I felt this could be a signature scent for her.

    Antonia will make you wet, and your man hard. It's that good.

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    Default Re: Antonia by Puredistance

    I agree -- it is pure loveliness.

    I have only seen it mentioned twice on BN -- once by me and another time -- by Furriner from IL, both around Vaelntine's Day. The way to order is through samples from Lucky Scent -- $4 for 0.7ml is cheap considering how much they would want for 15ml -- full bottle. I suspect LS will be not offering this deal very long -- so please get it while you can.
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    Default Re: Antonia by Puredistance

    I also recently got my LS sample of Antonia. I am in love. It is my favorite of the 3. I may order more samples today.

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