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    Default Burberry for Men by Burberry Tragically Under-Appreciated

    What an excellent fragrance. Very masculine. Not too sweet and not too burly, hairy chested, which Quorum comes very close to being.

    I had recently blind bought a few frags: YSL La Nuit, Chanel Allure Sport, Burberry London, Rive Gauche, Pure Malt, Quorum and one of the best ones I received, I received by accident. Burberry for Men by Burberry.

    Amazon was supposed to send me London but sent me this instead. I'm glad they did because it's one of the best I own. La Nuit and London share elite status as well in my mind. I was looking for a masculine scent that was slightly sweet, warm, but definitely masculine. Burberry for men does that.

    I'm just curious. What are some of the most underrated fragrances in your collection?
    Besides Burberry for Men, Armani Mania is definitely a great scent as well that doesn't get too much love from the basenotes community, IMO. But maybe it's just me, we all have different tastes.

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    Default Re: Burberry for Men by Burberry Tragically Under-Appreciated

    The Burberry range do get their fair share of love here on basenotes. Though the house cannot compete with the likes of Chanel or YSL there fragrances by and large are appreciated and quality always shines through.
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    Default Re: Burberry for Men by Burberry Tragically Under-Appreciated

    I love that Burberry for men , very unknown and with a very elegant and romantic touch.
    my current top five (always in transition)

    Dior Eau Noire
    HdP 1725 Casanova
    eau de gloire parfum d'empire
    Dia man Amouage
    comme des garçons man 2

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    Default Re: Burberry for Men by Burberry Tragically Under-Appreciated

    This is one of my favorite fragrances. I will confess: I wore it this week, and for some reason, it felt kinda cloying for a little bit. Thing is though, several of my once-upon-a-time favorites, at some point, have rubbed my nose the wrong way along the way, so I understand that it is not unusual to fall in and out of a fragrance, or to just simply like it less on some days, and more on another. But can definetely recall occassions where I have worn it and felt special. It is one I like to wear in the Spring on bright days in white or lighter colored shirts. It's just very appropriate for that setting...

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    Default Re: Burberry for Men by Burberry Tragically Under-Appreciated

    are we talking about the red boxed one? i bought one when i was looking for an affordable 90's fresh frag. it's light, like a more grown up burberry weekend. i like it very much for the price.

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    Default Re: Burberry for Men by Burberry Tragically Under-Appreciated

    I really like this fragrance as well. I enjoy wearing this smart/casual or when I travel in a suit without a tie and a nice crisp white shirt- it gives me a fresh, clean scent. The twist of mint is lovely and the vanilla is slightly bitter to my nose so it's not overly sweet. I have had compliments with this from strangers including a few really cute air hostesses. Thanks for the post- you've reminded me to get this lovely fragrance out for another run.
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