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    Default Which scent rain makes me pick

    I've got a long mental list of very heavy scents I want to work through these March weeks, and thought I'd naturally be picking one of them today. However, it's a rainy day. The rain pulls me to pick something else.

    Inevitably, newbies are going to read this thread and one way or another, or in some measure, start to worry about which scents are appropriate for rainy days or which scents are in horribly poor taste if it starts to rain out, so let me take this opportunity for a quick qualifier: I'm not saying rain causes a new etiquette problem for you. As I hope to bring out, the object of this post is to suggest that different circumstances pull out of you, you the fragrance wearer, something different--the circumstances do not impose on you anything.

    Anyone can wear anything anytime, and I could go through my list of heavies before the springtime really sets in, even though it is raining--the heavy orientals, leathers, sandalwoods, and so forth will smell fine on rainy days, so don't worry, I'm not saying there'd be anything wrong with picking one if that's what you want to wear.

    What I am saying, however, is that the rain calls on me to mentally re-arrange, and see myself wanting to smell of something else that isn't heavy. I want to go through the day with something else, and I want to ask my fellow Basenoters if rain pulls from their grey cells a similar wish and to which scents that wish takes them.

    In my case it's away from sweets. If anything I go more to traditional cologne smells, more toward citruses and dry woods. Hadrien Absolu was on me on another rainy day, and today it was almost Racquets Formula or Extra Vieille. Almost was the old Greenbriar too.

    I find that I envision myself smelling more of these during the day, as I go through the collection hunting for something to grab me in the morning.

    So I wonder if the rain pulls to you a different scent vision for yourself on those days?
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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    I agree with you completely DustB, whenever it rains I almost feel obliged to wear something.... happy.

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Funny, if any, I have an opposite reaction, going for something strong, monster sillage - somehow, the rain seems to damp lighter smells. When you're walking outside, with water pouring around you, and the smell of the earth and the wind, light stuff simply disappears. So, as it happened, I did go out in today's Washington downpour, wearing a leather jacket and Bandit. That seemed the right thing - if I had had Oud Cuir d'Arabie, that would have probably been good too.

    (But perhaps you're talking about staying inside and watching the rain - it feels sticky, you need citrus ...)


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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Man, it rains here a lot. Like, most of the winter, fall, and spring, so I'm pretty much immune to the pull of rain. But there are some days that the weather just puts me in a state of mind to wear something specific. That is one of the most interesting things about fragrance to me, this associative aspect. That having smelled and collected some fragrances I can now match my fragrance to my mood or to whatever association the day brings. Saturday was the first day the it felt at all like spring here. Still raining a bit, but intermittently sunny and warmer. I had gardening and yard work on my mind, I guess, and doused myself in Diptyque's L'Ombre dans L'Eau. This is a fragrance that I associate strongly with spring, and rain I think. It smells of leaves, stems, dark roses, water, black currents, something that reminds me of rhubarb, and earthy grass. It is always uplifting.

    A dousing, cold, dark rainy day seems to call for something less uplifting and floral. On those days I find myself wearing Avignon, Sycomore, or L'Air du Desert Marocain (just as examples). Lately I've been on an Aventus kick to counteract the long rainy season. The birch in there is such a nice note.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Honestly rain has no effect on my choice or rotation of scents.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick


    If it is raining outside, and I know I am going out into it, I inevitably will want to wear Mitsouko by Guerlain. I find the combination of the green, almost metallic peach chypre accord (which sort of vibrates when you smell it) and the wet, ozonic smell of rainy outdoors a wonderful combination. Almost like a symphony, of sorts - but in smells.
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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    ... I inevitably will want to wear Mitsouko by Guerlain... Almost like a symphony, of sorts - but in smells.
    Beautiful metaphor. Olfactory orchestration.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Czech & Speake No.88

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Hot, sultry summer rain - Boss elements aqua

    Colder rain - Bvlgari Aqua

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    I've seen where some think Derring-Do by Ineke is a good choice for rainy spring days. Personally, not really a fav of mine, but I guess it does kinda feel a bit appropriate for such occasions.

    For really cold rainy days, I can see maybe Burberry London being nice, with it's boozy warmth.

    For hot summer rains, hmmm, I may possibly consider a bit of Terre D'Hermes, even though I can't say for certain if I've actually worn it on this occasion, but it sounds appropriate for some reason.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    I personally go with Encre Noire in the wet weather, it just seems to accentuate natural damp wet weather smells.
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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Rain always makes me rub my hands together and gleefully scout the remote regions of my drobe for one of my "weird" ones. I don't know why, but for me it seems that my edgier, more unusual scents are easier to pull off on rainy days. Older scents like Salvador Dali Pour Homme, Kouros, Antaeus and Bel Ami work nicely on rainy days. I find that some of the oud scents and things like M7 are a lot nicer on rainy days-- sometimes the humidity in the air softens them up a little. Also, some of my spicier, peppery scents are good in rain (Extreme Polo Sport, Bang). Even some aquatics like Kenzo Pour Homme, Erolfa, and Mr. Hulot's Holiday are beautiful on a rainy day. Also, I dig some very "grey" iris type scents or things like Narciso Rodriguez for Him (as well as the Musc Collection) are good on rainy days.

    I agree, rain doesn't dictate a certain scent or type of scent, but it does have an effect on what I go for. Rainy days are "go crazy" days for me.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    scents which i would consider worthy of matching the mood of rains (for me) and that i would consider wearing would have to be a light handed application of scents like Bois d Armenie by Guerlain, chergui by Lutens & Un Parfums des sens et bois by the Different company..

    however, i'd prefer to be scentless and i'd rather enjoy the smell of mud and grass... thats how much i love monsoons here..

    two faceted answer just goes on to show how much of a gemini i am..

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    I'm the only one that calls on myself to re-arrange my thoughts, and it only takes me a couple of minutes to figure what feels best to spray. But to go along with your story, a variety of things like:

    Patou pour Homme
    Pour Monsieur
    No. 19
    Habit Rouge
    Eau de Guerlain
    Sous le Vent
    Azzaro pour Homme
    Lauder for Men
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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    You might look to fresh floral scents to compliment the Spring dampness...perhaps Diorissimo, or Estee or Muguet des Bois?

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    It never rains in So California (if you believed the song LOL) so actually I have few chances of selecting a "rainy day scent", but after living in DC for almost 2 decades, I know (remember) how rain feels.

    To me the perfect perfume for rainy days is Horizon, period.

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    I like to wear Paul Smith story on a rainy day. It just seems right.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    i'm thinking of getting a bottle of farenheit for rainy days.
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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Quote Originally Posted by PerfumeCollector View Post
    To me the perfect perfume for rainy days is Horizon, period.
    I have to agree with Mr. PerfumeCollector, there is something very special about Horizon by Guy Laroche on a rainy day. Horizon is definitely my favorite rainy day fragrance!

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Especially during early summer rains, Stockholm gives off such a moving blend of stone, asphalt, Bird cherry trees and jasmine that I usually don’t want to wear any fragrance. But when it happens and I tend to go for earthy Demeters that make me blend in, like Dirt or Thunderstorm.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    fahrenheit seems to me that shine under the rain
    Glorious Bastards
    Opium pour homme edp
    Rive gauche
    Knize ten
    M7 fresh

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    I find Rive Gauche to be very comforting during cold rains.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    I've long believed that rain makes certain fragrances "open up", or reveal themselves, more fully. For me it's dark greens with a shot of bitterness, like Silences by Jacomo. Galbanum-rich frags in particular have facets that come alive when it's wet out.

    I don't want to send anyone on a fool's errand, but if you ever smell the long-lost, much-lamented Inoui by Shiseido (esp. in the extrait), you will find the ultimate accent, the perfect olfactory music, for a cool and rainy day.

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Quote Originally Posted by adonis View Post
    I find Rive Gauche to be very comforting during cold rains.

    +1 Rive Gauche

    The rain definitely has an effect on what I want to wear...I'm finding Gucci PH2 works well when it rains (and just about any other time as well). I also like to wear GrigioPerla on rainy days. I just got a bottle of Gigli Man, I have a feeling that will be a good rainy day scent too.

    I go lighter when it rains out...I feel a heavy scent on top of damp weather can get messy and lethargic. But I don't lean toward the summer scents either, because they seem too cheerful and out of place.
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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    This is a great thread - thanks !
    I see this from a slightly different perspective. There are a few fragrances that really evoke rain for me, (or perhaps more - morning dew). The best of these for me is Après L´ondée. As an english guy, this perfume really reminds me of the high hedgerows that grow on the side of english country roads. The insignificant white hawthorn blossoms give out a delicious perfume, which is pronounced with the addition of morning dew or rain. Somehow Après L´ondée captivates this totally.
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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    A classic DustB post - I agree with the rain influencing thoughts and moves. With a huge thunderstorm passing through the southeast the entire day, I woke up with fervor attempting to put on my casual Himalaya or Eau de Coq for easy but nice wear. But the dark clouds, the pitter patter of rain, and a generally ominous feel led my hand to a stormy concoction of Givenchy Pi (well...for review purposes mostly).

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros
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    (7) Amouage Reflection Man

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    Default Re: Which scent rain makes me pick

    I live in NYC, and when it rains, it smells like wet cement, ozone, and salty air, so I tend to want to wear similar fragrances so that I feel connected to it all. Le Labo's Neroli does this for me, and I pretty much only wear it when it rains, only time it makes sense.

    I'm also craving a salty briny seaweed type of fragrance for rainy days. I don't know yet what samples to order, but when it rains, that's the general idea of what I feel like wearing.

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