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    Default Colour of CB Musk Reinvention

    I ordered a sample of CB’s Musk reinvention from The perfumed court and note that the colour of my oil is golden, while the oil in CB’s online shop looks opaque brown like espresso. I'm aiming to buy a full bottle and wonder if the colour has been tweaked with over the years or if I got something different from TPC.

    What I have in my vial is a gorgeous, brutal, skanky musk. Medical and tarry but also with a strange note of something like a “dark peppermint”.

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    Default Re: Colour of CB Musk Reinvention

    I've just tried this too. I've only got about 1/4 ml, so not much to go on. Not what I was expecting at all. Very harsh and medical. It has the musk quality with almost the harshest side of the 70's patchouli era mixed with the dank part of the sheepskin coats of that day, the curing part as opposed to the animal part. I'm totally with you on the dark peppermint. That is exactly what it smells like but woodsy, animal warmer. It almost smells like the pitch for painting on top of guinea pig cages.

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    Default Re: Colour of CB Musk Reinvention

    Wore this the other day and reached out my wrist to a friend. "Smells like soap", she said. Even this creature smells like soap on me.

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    Default Re: Colour of CB Musk Reinvention

    Strange, I'd describe this as oddly creamy, slightly earthy-fungal rather than patchouli meets tar ( Le Labo's Patchouli gives that ).

    I love it but find its sillage a bit soft. I hope to own some someday as it's totally unique in my experience; an odd pleasure.

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    Default Re: Colour of CB Musk Reinvention

    You've just made me put mine on again. Maybe a very strong coal tar soap with toothpaste. Definitely bathroomy and in the medicine cabinet end. Very odd, but not unpleasant in a clinical fashion.

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