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    Default Creed Cuir Russie and Cypress Musc

    I was purchasing a flacon of Virgin Island Water today. After testing several, the charming SA mentioned something special that he had upstairs. He brought down tester of both Cuir Russie and Cyprus Musc. I liked both and was wondering if these are truly so rare, that I should go back and grab them at $225. What do y'll think?

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    Default Re: Creed Cuir Russie and Cypress Musc

    Cypres Musc 8.4 oz flacons can still be found occasionally at retail stores. I saw one yesterday for $375. Cuir de Russie is much harder to find but not sure if you would like the fragrance itself. I would purchase it for that price as I enjoy the fragrance.

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    Default Re: Creed Cuir Russie and Cypress Musc

    It depends on whether you like the fragrances or not. Both are almost certain to be much more difficult to find in the future.


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    Default Re: Creed Cuir Russie and Cypress Musc

    I love Cypres-Musc, but was happy to get a tester for about 60 bucks a few years ago.
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