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    Default Dior J'Adore - how do you wear it?

    I was given this as a gift a while back and have been wearing it, but wondering if I may not be wearing it 'right'. I just wanted to know, anyone else who wears it, can you tell me when? Eg, is it in your Summer or Winter wardrobe? Do you wear it during the day or only on evenings out or is it part of your wear at work collection..

    My perception of the perfume has changed from when I first smelled it years ago and gave it as a gift to my sister but would not have chosen it for me, to when I was given it and started wearing it (in winter) to now, warmer weather and finding I'm getting a bit smelly... so suddenly wondered if I got it wrong: I always used to think of it as a light fresh kind of daytime smell, but now I'm starting to think I must have been mistaken, and that it's more sensuous and sophisticated and perhanps more suitable for a cold winter evening out.....

    any comments?

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    Default Re: Dior J'Adore - how do you wear it?

    J Adore eau de Parfum is an all -season's nice,elegant wearable for day and night..
    there is the L'eau Florale edition of J'Adore which is a much more lighter floral version for summer wearing,too!!
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    Default Re: Dior J'Adore - how do you wear it?

    I typically wear it in the spring and summer. It might be that you're getting a little tired of it and perhaps it's starting to annoy you some, so you therefore notice it more. That happens to me with some fragrances, anyway. I have to take a break for a few weeks or months and come back to it. Of course, fragrances do waft more (or have more sillage) when body temperature is higher, so you would certainly pick up on it more in warmer weather. Cutting back on the number of sprays in the summer might help with that. You could always ask a trusted friend whether you're over-applying and getting too "smelly" for those around you.
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    Default Re: Dior J'Adore - how do you wear it?

    Summer nights it's the best time to wear it

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    Smile Re: Dior J'Adore - how do you wear it?

    Hunt around for a bottle of the parfum, it's a much more intense version with a higher concentration of the florals and a woodier softer base. Also the florals differ in this parfum edition, the roses are both Turkish & Moroccan including magnolia abs, Grasse jasmine, Comoros ylang ylang and Damascus plum and is a lot less cloying than the edp & edt strengths.
    I prefer to use this pure concentration in cooler months although it could be used all year in a less tropical climate.
    The extract of J'adore is becoming harder to find, grab it now while you still have the opportunity.
    The earlier 2000 edition is the original formula, that's the one to sniff out ! ! !
    You won't be disappointed.
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    Default Re: Dior J'Adore - how do you wear it?

    how does one discern the old formula j'adore bottles from the new?

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    Default Re: Dior J'Adore - how do you wear it?

    My mom has an "old" bottle of J'adore from about 10 years ago still in the boxed package. The only difference I can tell between her version and the ones sold in department stores are on the box, since the bottle is still very much identical looking. The box she owns has the oval "Dior" in solid gold while I believe the newer versions have gray centers with a gold outline. Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't smelled the ones in the department store to compare to my mother's, so I wouldn't be able to tell you whether there are differences in the juice.

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