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    Default Expanding my horizons

    Currently I own three frags
    Calvin Klein Truth (got as a gift)
    Versace The Dreamer
    and Uomo? Moschino

    I wore Truth around for a while when I was younger because it was all I had and I wore it as a gift. I wear it occasionally, but find it to be a bit generic smelling and something about it sorta gives me a headache.

    I love The Dreamer, and wear it usually when I go out on the weekends and etc. It's unlike any other cologne I've ever smelled.

    Uomo Moschino is also great, but I use it for more everyday wear.

    My problem is that I feel like my two primary fragrances are too similar... They both are romantic sorta fragrances.... I'm not that experienced with fragrances and do not really know how to describe them too well... but they both give me the same sort of vibe.

    What would you classify these two fragrances as? How do I expand my horizons in terms of fragrances? Sampling fragrances at the store is a bit difficult, as you can only wear one at a time...

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    Quote Originally Posted by mr. tinkle View Post
    How do I expand my horizons in terms of fragrances?
    Branch out to some niche houses.

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    Welcome to basenotes! Prepare for fume fun! can actually sample quite a few at the stores- remember you are not actually wearing- you are sampling. When you go to the store, wear no scent and a shirt with short sleeves. You can test at least 4 different scents on each arm. I spray the back of my hand, low forearm, near the elbow, and bicep with different scents at a meet-up or sniffing day. Wash them off afterwards if the melange bothers you. You're just trying to get a feel if you like how it behaves on your skin. If you only sample one scent each time you shop, you will have grandkids in college before you are done.
    Ask nicely for a sample of the short-listed scents you'd like to try again (easily done at Sephora, not so much other places like malls but certainly Guerlain Boutiques and most niche stores) Then test your sample fully on a weekend, not at work, because if you decide you hate it- you can scrub it.

    Have fun and sniff in good health!

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    You get get the store to spray paper and see if you like it, if it seems like you would, then try it on your skin or ask for samples. It helps to get a bit of knowledge about the items you like, because then you can find other products you would like too. That's a big help, because a lot of people when they shop have no idea what they're looking for and clerks just have to take a stab in the dark throwing different things at you. You can get samples from The Scented Court too, they have EVERYTHING.

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    Find the list of notes of the fragrances you currently like. Chances are, there's something in there you really like smelling, and they may have some in common! You can use the Basenotes fragrance directory to find more frags with similar notes.

    Also use the search engine, try things like "similar to Dreamer"; there's likely a thread already existing for many frags!

    I don't know Uomo, but IMO the Dreamer is definitely a romantic/going-out type of fragrance. I really like its uniqueness as well. As hednic suggested, you may have to branch out into niche to find something truly as unique, but I'd be careful about diving into niche until you've explored your locally available designer selection. If you can find a designer frag you really like, you can save a whole lot of cash!

    Most of all visit basenotes frequently! There's a ridiculous wealth of information and opinion within. Take some, leave some, and in the end you'll find what you're looking for. Just don't be surprised if that ends up being a wardrobe full of obscure perfumes!

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    I would recommend checking out Caron. (very quality, unique, and very affordable)

    Pour Un Homme
    Le Troisieme Homme

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    I think if you only have 3 fragrances, you should start off slowly. There's no rush and why buy something you'll hate by the end of the day. Get a few samples to take home. I try new scents on days I'm not in a rush to leave and 1rst thing in the morning. That way I can shower it off if I don't like it.

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    at this point it sounds like your horizons are based on a flat world... I'd suggest holding off on niche houses and all that. For now just do some basic reading to find a few popular frags or ones that sound interesting to you and go hit up the department stores and just start sniffing around. Ask what's popular, ask what nobody likes, etc and don't feel pressure to buy at ALL. Make notes and put a few on. Then come back and read some more. Take it from there. You've got lots of time and there's lots out there to smell, so take it slow and enjoy.
    Tom Ford Splits:Noir de Noir, Neroli Portofino, Lavender Palm, Plum Japonais, Champacca Absolute, Tobacco Vanille ONE LEFT: Italian Cypress, Patchouli Absolu, Amber Absolute, Tuscan Leather, Oud Wood

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    Try some smoky leathers like
    Les Exclusifs de Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Private Blend: Tuscan Leather Tom Ford
    Cuir de Lancome (La Collection Fragrances
    Knize Ten

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    Default Re: Expanding my horizons

    Quote Originally Posted by kxe003 View Post
    I would recommend checking out Caron. (very quality, unique, and very affordable)

    Pour Un Homme
    Le Troisieme Homme
    yep , a good way to start , classic style but not aged
    Glorious Bastards
    Opium pour homme edp
    Rive gauche
    Knize ten
    M7 fresh

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