I have a couple of aftershave/EDT bottle collections, namely Eau Sauvage Extreme (ranging from giant 1ltr, 400ml, 200ml, 100ml, 10ml) and Hermes Eau D'orange Verte (400ml, 200ml, 100ml, 30ml, 10ml)

Unfortunatley I was cleaning the shelf that they were on yesterday and the 50ml Extreme and 100ml Eau D'orange verte fell off and smashed. I could obviously buy some more, but I really only want the bottles and I wondered if anyone on the forum uses these scents and might be willing to give or sell me their empties?

I miss having my full collection! Please let me know if you can help or know where I might find these bottles.

My email is tom_irvin@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance for any help,

Tom Irvin.