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    Default Identifing Vintage Chanel no 5 EDC


    I had a question about a old sealed Chanel no 5 Eau De Cologne 59ml (2 oz). I've racked my self searching the webs on this one and cannot successfully date it, or verify if real at all. The bottle label and box have Paris under Chanel, which I rarely see, and no size on box or bottle at all, only 59 on reverse of label.

    I have taken some pics, and any help would be great.



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    Default Re: Identifing Vintage Chanel no 5 EDC

    Looks real, and old. Could be 60's or 70's?

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    Default Re: Identifing Vintage Chanel no 5 EDC

    I agree. Also, I think it's from France, due to the lack of US size marks. Thanks

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