I'm a newbie, so please be gentle with me. I'm making an observation and asking questions based on my experiences so far. I tried a sample of S.L. Arabie (it was in a vial and I rubbed it on my two wrists and even dabbed a bit in my beard). It's a great scent, but after a minute, I couldn't smell it. Friends said when they were close to me, they got a whiff of it and loved it.

The biggest reason (and I admit, it's a selfish one) I wear fragrances is *I* like smelling them on myself. Would the fact I daubed it on versus using a sprayer, and I'd have to use 4 or 5 squirts to get the impact where I can smell it? When I tried A*men, I had a small decanter with a pump, and only used 2 squirts of it, and I smelled it for hours.

When I went to Macy's last night, the one thing I noticed, a good deal of their stuff, when you spray it, there's a "loudness" or "brashness" to it, if that makes any sense? What is going on there (it's not synthetic versus natural either, because a lot of the niche houses are using synthetic materials).

I purchased a bottle of S.L. Chergui, and haven't opened it yet, since I'm working my way through the samples still, but I worry I spent a lot of money for something I won't be able to smell on my own skin. :/

Any ideas or thoughts? I appreciate it! Thanks