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    What is the latest???

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    I spoke with our P & G account exec last week and it looks like it should start shipping very soon to some places, Nordstrom (or at least the one I'm at) is looking to be more like late April or early May. She left us a small vial to sample and I retract my previous statement of it was nice to it's pretty generic but should sell decently well.

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    I got a sample. I agree that it smells pretty generic. It's not bad, but nothing special.

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    Macys got the tester today. To me it smells like.......................................Perry Ellis for Men. I will probably get it just for the bottle because I'm sick that way
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    Guys how is the longevity on this? I hope nothing like Gucci by Gucci

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    It's okay. It has been several hours and I can still smell it when I put my nose to my wrist.
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    So if it is nose to wrist I take it sillage is not a strong suit

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    fresh and spicy floral , sport style , not bad , but nothin special.
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