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    Hello everyone, I'm brand new and therefore wasn't sure if it was more appropriate to post this here or under home fragrances... anyway, I'm pretty obsessed with DL&Co's Modern Alchemy line and wondered if any of you all could recommend a personal fragrance that would remind me of any Modern Alchemy? My favorite scent of all time is probably their "Speakeasy". I've read it described as "inebriating vapors of gin, pipe tobacco and wood". Thanks!

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    Welcome to Basenotes lucerito!
    I'm not familiar with that line, but I did a search by those notes and came up with no matches for perfumes. Sorry. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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    Nothing is going to smell identical, unfortunately.

    Sounds like something similar CB IHP has concocted - maybe Greenbriar 1968 or In the Library? But they won't be the same to your nose or your brain.

    Try Mr Hulot's Holiday - nothing like what you're looking for, but the most amazing example of the scent to memory relationship.
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    Have you sampled Michael for Men (Kors) ?

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