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Thread: Way to spray

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    Cool Way to spray

    I have been using very light applications recently. With a high-volume sprayer, you can hold it so the spray will come out at a 90-degree angle. Puff out a cloud of mist, and walk through. Most sprayers have lower volume, so I hold it at arm's length, aim at chest and spray. For a bit more, you can walk toward the spray as it comes out. This method has brought out the charms of some frags that I thought I didn't like--l'Eau d'Issey PH was one example. Prada Amber PH (Prada Man) works well with this, as the lighter florals come out more strongly than the soapy notes. Conversely, when I sprayed too much of stronger ones like Hammam Bouquet and Kouros, it was awful. But these powerhouses work very well with a lighter application. I don't know about clubbing, but this method works well for office, dates, etc. I don't have any of the A*Men series--I wonder what these would smell like used in this way?

    Another point: this method is less effective in a shop, where the competing fragrances, crowds, noise etc. block out anything that is not applied strongly. So unfortunately, this method is less effective for shopping or sniffing around. What do you thinK?

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    Default Re: Way to spray

    No "correct" way to spray. Just many satisfying ways!

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