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    Exclamation Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    I recently bought Dolce & Gabbana's Por Homme thinking it would be a good spring/summer scent, but after testing it on my skin for a few days indoors I realized that has a very annoying quality to it.

    Today, I went outside with Por Homme on my skin and noticed it smells so much better with the heat (75F today). Is this just me or does setting and temperature affect how good or bad a fragrance smells? Maybe it brings out some notes that I otherwise didn't noticed in my somewhat chilly home.

    hope this made sense.

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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    Sweeter notes tend to bloom in the heat, and fragrances in general become stronger. The effect is amplified further with humidity.
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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    a bit unrelated, but if you've ever got something on that's become a skin scent and you want to smell it, just go "haaah" (hot breath) on the spot and you'll smell it wake up again.
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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    Yes. Heat and sweat can make fragrances "come to life", if you will. That's why I wear Eau de Colognes when it's searing hot out, they last a lot longer and project better.

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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    Not heat so much as body temperature. When i work out (or even sweat) scents will usually radiate stronger but will consequently also fade out more quickly.
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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    For me heat doesn't affect the smell of the fragrance.

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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    Yeah, I think heat just makes fragrances cook off faster. They will seem stronger because of it but wont last as long. I just moderate application of traditional winter/fall/spring scents accordingly during the summer and enjoy them all year round.

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    Lightbulb Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    The Integumentary system: Consider that your skin produces oil, perspiration, and an interaction of the bi-products of microbes, plus environmental heat and humidity. The mix of the aforementioned will vary from one person to another. Now add fragrance, which will be personalized by the entire chemical environ of the skin. You would be amazed at how many microorganisms live on your skin.

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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    Not just longevity and projection but possibly altering the scent itself. Either add to or detract from and yes just plain change the composition itself.

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    Default Re: Does heat affect the smell of your cologne?

    Creeds Original Vetiver is great when its hot as it gives off this wonderful citrus fragrance and really shines. I do not get the same magic with it in the colder months so I only wear it in the Summer months. For some reason the heat makes the scent come alive more on my skin when its hot.
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