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Thread: Piguet's Visa

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    Default Piguet's Visa

    Anyone tried this?

    Received a sample with a purchase some time ago and didn't feel too interested by the list of notes - a feminine feminine. Thought I'd give it a go today and it is very light and refreshing - not too sweet and with a nice resinous quality. Rather nice and definitely wearable. I've been thinking I must try Mitsouko for some time. Think this clinches it for me.

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    Default Re: Piguet's Visa

    I have it and I like it too. I do find it sweet and fruity, but the fruit is balanced by a dark leather note, so that at no time does it become syrupy or cloying. Still, as a man, I find it a little hard to wear, though if there is anything fruity I will wear, this is it (together with 1969). Mitsouko is quite different, it has a peach note, but it is not fruity or sweet at all, rather the opposite.

    If you haven't done so, you should also try the other Piguet, they are all wonderful (and quite different from Visa), especially Bandit or Futur.


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    I have and love Visa (in fact I might wear it tomorrow!), but I would not describe it as light and all. It is in fact a dense, syrupy oriental that similar to Angel (woman) in many ways. Take away some of Angel's bergamot, add some syrupy fruit and a leathery (immortelle?) base and you essentially have Visa.

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