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  • Allure Edition Blanche

    22 37.29%
  • Allure Homme Sports

    37 62.71%
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    Default Re: Allure Edition Blanche Vs. Allure Homme Sports

    Allure Homme Sport by a mile.

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    Default Re: Allure Edition Blanche Vs. Allure Homme Sports

    I own them both and now have had the experience of wearing them and they are hard to compare. EB is more of a formal scent to me. Can be worn to work but would be a little different going to a 4th of the July cookout. AHS seems to be the most versatile of the two. The problem with AHS is that the citrus at the top is a bit synthetic smelling, while for some reason the Lemon in the top of EB is delicious and more natural smelling. AHS can be dressed up but EB does it better. Think of EB as a white linen suit at a beach wedding and AHS as movie, dinner and bowling, or rock climbing or something like that. EB can be a great work scent if you work in a nice office environment and so could AHS. EB just doesnt' seem like something I would want to smell like daily while AHS does.

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