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Thread: Puma fragrances

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    Default Puma fragrances

    Hey guys:

    Today I'm testing out a sample of Puma Flowing Man. It's a light sporty frag that has grapefruit/bergamont with some mint and basil. It's kinda casual, but I think decent enough for the workplace, if you don't wear a suit and tie anyway. The other Puma frag that I've tried is Puma Man, which I believe to be muskier and probably less suitable for work. I'd love to try Puma Free Flowing Man, which actually has a rhubarb note. Anyway, these are hard to find in the USA and probably are expensive if ordered overseas. What a shame.

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    Hm. I got a bottle of flowing man in a $15 bulk lot on an auction site (along with a full bottle of CdG Harissa, which is what I was really bidding for). I didn't think much of it at all and binned it. It certainly wasn't something I'd want to wear.

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    The original Puma man is quite a gem. I think I reviewed it at some point.
    Herbal, slightly sweet fougere/chypre cross I would call it (if that says much )
    Smellin good

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