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    Default New Fragrance: Tauer Perfumes Zeta


    Indie niche line Tauer Perfumes will launch Zeta, the first fragrance in a proposed series of vintage (specific harvest) fragrances built around fine or rare natural materials, next month. The series will be called the Collectibles. Zeta will feature linden blossom and is described as a “bright ode to summer”:

    Linden shade in June-
    sweet rose petals and the light
    of Syracusa.

    The notes include lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, ylang, orange blossom absolute, neroli, linden blossom, rose, orris, sandalwood and vanilla.

    Tauer Perfumes Zeta will be available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum for around $150.

    Note: Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes discussed the development of Zeta in a series of letters to perfumer Mandy Aftel published on Nathan Branch’s blog.

    Update: According to Andy Tauer, Zeta will not be a limited edition, but future batches may not smell exactly the same.

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    Default Re: New Fragrance: Tauer Perfumes Zeta

    interesting! thnx for sharing.

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    Default Re: New Fragrance: Tauer Perfumes Zeta

    Thanks Petrucci,

    I'll be interested in this one. Orange blossom done well is so beautiful to me.
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    Default Re: New Fragrance: Tauer Perfumes Zeta

    I have no idea what linden flowers smell like. Interested. Sounds expensive, though.
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    Default Re: New Fragrance: Tauer Perfumes Zeta

    If that's what it is, linden is used as a common herbal tea (tilleul in french I believe), kind of fresh "white", slightly chemical (even if natural). Not among my favorite herbal teas. but perhaps ok as a note among many.


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