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Thread: Diable Bleu

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    Default Diable Bleu

    I just watched one of Ash4245's videos and this was one of his favourites.
    The star leads me to believe its an A*Men knockoff. Is it? These knockoffs and
    his videos are pretty frikkin' hilarious!
    I smell marshmallows!

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    Yeah a knockoff but a darn pretty close on to the original with great staying power -

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    I am wearing Diable Bleu today. It is by far the best knock off I've tried yet. I agree with the youtube video that said it's a cross between A*Men and Rochas Men. I got it for $4 at AJ Wright; the bottle was used and had some rust. But who cares, it smells good.

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    smells almost identical to A*Men, you can honestly hardly tel the difference. And for the price, you can't go wrong. GREAT juice for sure.

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    Default Re: Diable Bleu

    I'd take the authentic A*Men anytime over its closest knockoff.

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    I used to think that until I started wearing and appreciating how much more enjoyable Animale Animale is to wear over A*men.
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    I would rather have the original A men.

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