Hi all

New to these forums so apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

I've just purchased a 7.5ml (0.25 fl. oz) mini bottle of Narciso Rodriguez for her edt and I can't tell from the fragrance alone whether I have a fake.

Thanks to this forum I know what fake bottles of the larger bottles look like (eg black on the outside rather than inside; no bottle picture on the box) but I'm not sure whether the same rules apply for the mini bottles. Plus I know that bottle designs can and do change.

I personally think I have a fake. However before I approach the vendor I want to be certain. So does anyone know whether the 7.5ml mini sample bottles should be exactly the same as the larger bottles only ... erm ... smaller?

I've contacted Narciso Rodriguez via email but don't know when/if I'll get a response. So I thought I'd see if anyone here could assist while I'm waiting.

Thanks in advance.