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    Default GUerlain, L'artisan, C&S, Aramis

    Creed green irish tweed
    domenico caraceni (60% full)
    Guerlain Derby (75% full, 100 ml bottle)
    Odori Tobacco
    Guerlain heritage (EDP and EDT)
    D&G Light Blue (2/3 full)
    Michael Kors (90%)

    open to any offers, interested in: traverse du bosphere, Jicky (EDP), Chanel sycomore, Malle V.E., Malle POAL.
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    Default Re: GUerlain, L'artisan, C&S, Aramis

    bottles updated, looking to pair down collection so i would trade multiples for ones i want.

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    Default Re: GUerlain, L'artisan, C&S, Aramis

    updated list...

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    Default Re: GUerlain, L'artisan, C&S, Aramis


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