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    Thumbs up Le Dix my idea of what heaven smells like

    Hi everyone

    I just received my second bottle of Le Dix (backup) in the mail today. I used this perfume forty years ago and it never disappoints

    Like many others I have always thought I could smell violets in it. However, recently I put that to the test by buying decants of Balenciaga Paris and Violette Precieuse, both unmistakeable violet perfumes, both green and a little peppery.

    Side by side, Le Dix and these two couldn't have been more dissimilar.

    Now I love violets, but what I could detect in Le Dix was not violets but lilac, lilac singing, lilac uplifting, lilac lasting and lasting.

    To me that is perhaps the big difference between the two flowers in these perfumes. The violet is darker, quieter, drier, not terribly sweet. Lilac is, and in a its sweetness, it manages to lift my spirits to the sky. If its cloudy, the sun comes out, if it's sunny the world's colours are sharper, the grass is so much greener, the roses are so much finer.

    Now I know that Le Dix is more than just lilac, and there are bergamot, rose, jasmine etc, but I think so many perfumes have those ingredients, that I for one, cannot tease them out of a particular perfume. So I come back to what Le Dix does for me, it envelops me in a veil of a soft floral accord, with that insistent note of lilac singing its song and raising my spirits.

    Today I ordered a small collection of Lilac classics from TPC, hoping to see whether it is indeed lilac that does it for me. En Passant, Demeter Lilac, Guerlain Aqua Angelique Lilas, i Profumi firenza di Lilla, and Pacifica French Lilac. I am particularly keen to try En Passant to see if it lives up to my expectations.

    My goodness, isn't this perfume stuff addictive? I guess I'll have to go out and get a job just to support my habit.

    Cheers for now

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    Default Re: Le Dix my idea of what heaven smells like

    You have a nice selection of lilacs coming. Another suggestion is After My Own Heart by Ineke.

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    Default Re: Le Dix my idea of what heaven smells like

    WOW!!!!! I always thought like many others is was violet in Le Dix, quite and feminine.

    I tried Balenciaga Paris and though lovely something about it just did not gel with my skin chemistry. So many on Basenotes etc said Le Dix. Bought blind and have never regretted it just is so perfect and fits when nothing else does.
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    Default Re: Le Dix my idea of what heaven smells like

    Thank you Knit_at_night. After my Own Heart does indeed sound delicious. I have tracked down a stockist in Melbourne and will order a sample from TPC in my next lot.

    Donna I agree that Le Dix is just perfect for any occasion. I put a dab on yesterday a half hour before I answered the door to a stranger who said, 'Oh you smell nice'. Not bad eh?


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    Default Re: Le Dix my idea of what heaven smells like

    How different is the original Le Dix from the current formula? My grandmother, who has been dead for decades, wore it. I've been on this nostalgic quest to get an old bottle in the classic style that still has some juice in it...mainly to see how much it might transport me back to my childhood. I haven't sniffed it since she died, and she always smelled unique - and wonderful.
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    Default Re: Le Dix my idea of what heaven smells like

    Hi Semisweet411,
    I'm a newbie to perfume appreciation, and much like art appreciation, I came into this with the start, "I don't know much about it, but I know what I like"

    So I can tell you that after about 30 years of not having LeDix I was not disappointed. It smelt to me, just like it had in the 70s and 80s when I wore it as a young, carefree, nubile thing.

    I was a sophisticate who wore Chanel 5, Miss Dior, Arpege and Le Dix. But Le Dix was always a favourite. It wasn't easily available even then, so I guess it had begun to run its course in fitting into a general taste.

    All I can suggest is get a decant, or buy a mini on Ebay and see if the new one stacks up to your memory.


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