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    Default Indiscrète by Technique Indiscrète, anyone?


    Anyone owns or tried this fragrance?

    Some fruity floral gourmand kind of scent, smelled really nice on paper when I tried it last week.
    I was wondering what women think of it.

    Is it a good pleasing scent in general for a gift to women in their 30's ?
    also, do you think a man can pull this off, can he even smell sexy with it? lol

    I didn't try it on my skin, maybe next time, but I do think this smells very good.
    What do you think?

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Indiscrète by Technique Indiscrète, anyone?

    It is a great scent perfectly wearable by a man or a woman. I bought a bottle at Sens Unique when I was in Paris last year.

    One warning - do NOT place orders through the Libertin Louison/Technnique Indiscrete website. Their shipping and customer service is horrible. I placed an order more than 6 months ago - it has not arrived and they are no longer responding to emails, facebook messages, tweets or phone calls (the number has been disconnected.)
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    Default Re: Indiscrète by Technique Indiscrète, anyone?

    I smelled this (sprayed onto a test strip) at Mapp in Brussels -- wasn't really distinctive enough for me -- but I wound up loving Safran Nobile.

    But mostly I'm posting to say that I wound up ordering Safran Nobile from Technique Indiscrete directly (through their Facebook shop which currently lists bottles at a reduced price of 40€), and it was not a problem at all. In fact, I even made an error in the address I gave them in making my purchase, and that was taken care of. I communicated with them via email at (in french, but it seems like english wouldn't be a problem) I think it took about a week, or maybe just shy of that, to receive my package in the mail. (I'm in Paris.)

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