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    Default MPG's Ambre Precieux

    Can anyone tell me whether Ambre Precieux has been discontinued? It still seems to be for sale on luckyscent, but I am made uncertain by seeing so many remarks in basenotes' archives to the effect that it is either semi- or entirely discontinued... Is Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier itself at risk of disappearing, as has been suggested?

    I have not yet tried it, but am considering ordering a sample. I would not do so if, should I like it, it would prove too hard or expensive to source.

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    Default Re: MPG's Ambre Precieux

    Nope, as far as I'm concerned it is not discontinued. MPG had major distribution problems in the past 2 years, or so it appears. They've went downhill since their bottle changes and reformulations. However Ambre Precieux is still reasonably easy to find on Ebay, fragrancenet, luckyscent, beautyencounter....etc.

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    Default Re: MPG's Ambre Precieux

    Can still be gotten at a variety of sites.

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    Default Re: MPG's Ambre Precieux

    Wow, doesn't look like Luckyscent has much to offer right now when it comes to MPG. Aedes seems to have a good selection of MPG frags -- although last time I ordered samples they were out of Iris Bleu Gris.

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    Default Re: MPG's Ambre Precieux

    yeah I forgot to mention Aedes, Luscious Cargo (fabulous customer service I must say, if you buy from there tell them Ahmad Referred you :P) and The Boys Cosmetics (website down for the moment)

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