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    Default Jess Bell Colorado Sage

    Anyone else ever try this one? I can't decide whether I like it or not. I wore it maybe two or three times in the past year, one of which was to work yesterday. To me a weird mix of green crisp notes followed by a sweet musky base scent. Oddly either the temperature/outside humidity play a role in this one too. It was cool when I wore it yesterday and it comes off as way too sweet and musky, but when it was hot and humid when I tried it last summer it wasn't too bad. I know this has been discontinued for an eternity but I'm sure I'm not the only one owning some either.
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    Default Re: Jess Bell Colorado Sage

    I have a little of this left from a sample bottle I got quite a long time ago. To me it always smelled like a somewhat dryer, woodier version of Canoe by Dana --- very similar overall, but without Canoe's lilac and heliotrope lilt and with more pronounced sage and wood notes.
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    Default Re: Jess Bell Colorado Sage

    I discovered, though it is somewhat obscure, Bonne Bell still makes this stuff and its cheap, way cheaper than a vintage sample, so ordered a larger bottle. You have to go directly to their website find the heritage collection (or something like that) and there it is. Think it was $12 for a 4 oz bottle plus whatever shipping. They were lightning fast, took about two days to get here.

    I wore it the last two days to try and pinpoint it. It has elements of Canoe and Clubman along the barbershop.

    Unlike the overly bugspray sweet opening of Canoe you get a nice green note. This drydown is a woodier musky.

    Longevity is pretty good for the price, they haven't totally watered it down, and its actually kind of strong, and they have aftershave too.

    I dunno how much demand there is for it at this point but its a nice throwback barbershop type cologne if you want to give it a try, it might not be around forever. A shame they don't have Wild Oats to give that one another try.
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