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    Question Une Rose Vermeille/blind buy?

    Andy Tauer: Une Rose Vermeille edp

    I really like rose, especially mixed with raspberry and based on some reviews I think I'd love it, but I'm still afraid I won't . Do you think this scent is worth a purchase blind? and is this brand a good choice for me since i need good stayingpower?

    Or is this way too similair to 1000 other perfumes? the composistion looks somewhat familair

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    Default Re: Une Rose Vermeille/blind buy?

    I would always advise against a blind buy in all circumstances (unless the scent is so cheap it doesn't matter) and would most definitely say try before you buy with Une Rose Vermeille.

    If you like rose & raspberry scents then there is a good chance you will like URV and it definitely is nothing like any of the other scents in the fruity rose genre, it's big, bold & brassy with gorgeous almond and vanilla. I love it!
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    Default Re: Une Rose Vermeille/blind buy?

    allright :-) thanks for the answer, yes i do love the rose raspberry combo very much, also i've read somewhere else that it's been compared a little with delrae's bois de paradis, is that so?

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