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    Default Anyone Own/Wear Royal Oud by Al Rehab?

    Came across this one today and have not worn it for quite a while. Smells pretty nice.

    I'm unfamiliar with Oud scents in general so its tough for me to make a comparison.

    No reviews in the Directory.

    Anyone wear this one, and if so, what are your thoughts?



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    Default Re: Anyone Own/Wear Royal Oud by Al Rehab?

    every time I read "al REHAB" I can only think of a perfume
    containing methadone, for those who are recovering from heroin....

    besides, sorry but Ive never tried them.
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    Default Re: Anyone Own/Wear Royal Oud by Al Rehab?

    I'd like some info on Dehn Oud by Al Rehab
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