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Thread: Apres L'Ondee

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    Default Apres L'Ondee

    Hi everyone
    I did some reading this morning, and became so entranced with what I read about Apres L'Ondee that I searched out a supplier and ordered a bottle.

    I only hope I did the right thing, having already spent massive amounts on perfume this year. Yes, this is becoming obsessive!!

    I love Le Dix, Chanel No 5, Arpege, Knowing, Coco, Rive Gauche, Violette Precieuse.
    A disparate lot of perfumes, I agree, but generally floral and some aldehydes. I don't like perfumes where the basenotes are too dark, or too dominant. Generally the perfumes I prefer tend to a floral accord, with basenotes that are not too overwhelming.

    What do you lovers of Apres L'Ondee think? Is it the right choice for me?


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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Based on what you described as your favorite types of fragrances, I don't see how you can go wrong with Apres L'ondee. It is my dream to own it in parfum concentration. I think you will enjoy it, if not love it.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Apres l'Ondee is one of the greatest works of perfume art in history - you can't go wrong owning a bottle.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Well, I'm getting some reassuring feedback.

    At least I'll be ready to chirp back at LOML when he says 'Not ANOTHER perfume?'

    'Beloved Barbarian,' I'll say,"This is not JUST a perfume, it is a great work of art, it is to perfume what Monet is to impressionism.'

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Given your preferences I think you can't go wrong. If you like the vintage feel of Le Dix, this should be safe too in this aspect. Are you familiar with L'Heure Bleue (preferably extrait)? The only complaint you might have (I have it) is its very very reduced sillage. This is very quickly a low-tone skin scent on me. It is something that I only wear consciously at night (occasionally).

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Apres l'ondee is unique and unmistakable. I haven't smelled le dix and Violette precieuse; AO is much lighter (not in the sense of sillage), and more serene than any of the above. No hint of sultriness, sex, or heaviness. And especially, no hint of darkness whatsoever. Just light flowers, herbs, quiet.

    I can't see how you could dislike it. In any case, it is such a unique smell that, even if you don't see yourself wearing it too often, you'll keep it as a reference and come back to it from time to time.

    As others have pointed out, longevity is not as much as with other Guerlains, but still adequate.


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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I think of it as an impressionist masterpiece, it is to fragrance what some of Debussy's works are to music

    Enjoy it!

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I have both the older edt and the parfum, sorry not sure what the new edt smells like.

    Apres is a beautiful floral, I read reviews of it being cold but I get warmth from it. For me its all heliotrope and aniseed the classic Guerlain vibe. I bought mine as a blind buy too.

    Please let us know when it arrives and your thoughts.?

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I don't buy anything blind, but I do own Apres L'Ondee. It is a masterwork of delicacy and melancholy. I think of it as Romanticism in a bottle.

    If you like violets, odds are you will like AL'O, but not because it is primarily a violet fragrance - although violet is certainly perceptible, there's a good deal of heliotrope in AL'O.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    "lt is to perfume what Monet is to impressionism" is absolutely right! An undeniably beautiful fragrance, l just wish it lasted longer on me. lf you too find it too fleeting, l recommend you try L'Heure Bleue; it's very similar but has a more solid & long-lasting presence.
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I don't think you will be disappointed, but if you are, you will certainly be able to find a home for your bottle.
    There is truly nothing like it. And as others have suggested, though there are perceptible notes (such as heliotrope, iris, violet) it does not shout any of these. No candied notes, no almondy note. Oh, it is a treasure!
    "You...put on cologne to write?"(From Midnight in Paris)

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences of this lovely perfume with me.

    I'm quite excited to have seen that it shipped this morning. I will definitely write something about it when it arrives.

    There is a slight irony to me that perfumes described as vintage or classic are often very much of my time, and they are just there in my mind as a wonderful, fully French in the best way, part of my life.

    I have found it hard to get away from a certain type of 'classic' perfume, encapsulated by Chanel 5, Arpege and of course LeDix. They have wonderful sillage, but are not overwhelming. I have joined this forum as much to widen my horizons as to learn about some of the subtleties of perfume.

    I tried Paris by YSL again this morning, having given my bottle to my mother, and was so uncomfortably conscious of it on my skin, that I ended up washing it off. One quick squirt was enough to drown out a fine mist of Le Dix,

    I also smelt, in the same shop, the kind of bubble gum, girly perfumes that seem to appeal so widely to the young girls today, and couldn't imagine wearing them as an adult. I guess its the kind of perfume that goes with being a wide-eyed, beautiful young thing, all long legs and perfect skin gleaming with good health and high optimism for what life is about to bring.

    Not that my optimism and zest for life have gone, far from it, but it is just a different feeling from when I was 15 or 16.

    To those who have suggested " Heure Bleue, this is high on my list of things to try next. I'm pretty sure that I can get a sample through TPC in my next batch of test vials. I'm also pretty sure I will love it.


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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I don't see any reason not to love Apres L'ondee. Congratulations! You are definitely going to smell gorgeous and radiant!

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    ...Apres L'Ondee is one of those scents that immediately gets under your is very,very vintage (if you are lucky enough to get an old vintage edition...)
    I've had Al'O the new and modern version and couldn't bare to wear it due to the fact it just lacks depth, melancholy and richness of the old in my opinion, the new version could't compare with the old one...
    but funny thing happened yesterday...I was testing some vials I've received from a friend, and amongst them zhere was a sample of Yardley's April Violets...and was I pleasantly surprised!!
    While a Al'O is a different violet (dry, woody type of violet) scent, April Volets is actually much more simmilar to old version of Al'O than the new...they are not the same category, but there's something so familiar in Yardley's violets, that instantly reminded me of Al'O...
    so try them both...

    and another created this masterpiece,that is truly one of the kind IMO, but I just can't wear it any more...along with L'Heure Bleue (which I admire), Al'O had a funky ''greasy'' base, which is sometimes hard to endure....dunno, hopefully you'll enjoy it...D

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I love the fact that this perfume brings such immediate and strong feelings from people all over the world. It must truly be masterful.

    I've been delving into violets, and have also come up with Violetta di Parma and Penhaligon's Violetta. How do these compare to L'Heure Bleue.

    I must admit that I am so entranced with Violette Precieuse that if any other violet can top it, I'm totally sold.

    But of course you shouldn't fall in love with a discontinued perfume, anymore than you should fall in love with a man from another time and place. There are just too many complications in such a relationship, so I seek an available, ultimate violet that I can use whenever I like.


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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    L'Heure bleu is very deep,pencil-sharpening violets...( a dry, woody, Mitsouko-like violet....a strange one, might I say,static, dusty...for me,hmmm,not a parfume for wearing on a skin, more like a ambiental scent,antiques, distant spaces, old church violet...haha, funny I know..)....Violetta di Parma is powdery, cotton candy violet with loads of iris...pleasant violet indeed
    Penhaligon's along with Yardley's violet- fresh, moist, very real violet flower...for me-the most exquisite and true violet smell)

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Hi Cocorocha
    I am now really keen to smell the three violet perfumes I haven't tried yet. Yardley will be easy, since most small chemists and department stores keep it. The other two will be on my next list of samples from TPC.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    my favourite is also Parfum Berdoues's Violette de Toulouse...edp is not longlasting, but it's so marvelous...and the bottle...omg!!retro!!!!that one is a great violet, not overly sweet, forest smell...
    and please try to sample DSquared-Shewood....wonderful aquatic,woody,cedar violet...<3

    then Ombre Rose Violette -Menthe- minty, sparkly violet (poor lasting power though)
    A.Goutal- La violetta- omg, this is a true gem....powder and violet...
    and if you have it in your city, try also L'Erbolario's Petali&Fiori (flowers and petals)- doesn't have a pinch of violet, but reminds me of Goutal's La violetta alot...
    I've seen (and smelled) quite often perfumes that strongly reminded me of violets and they usualy didn't have them as a component...

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Ah, Cocorocha

    If only we'd met years ago, when I was working, and lived in the city.

    What fun I could have had, hunting down wonderful perfumes and building a supply that would keep me blissfully happy for years. What I could have done with all these marvellous and intriguing suggestions.

    But I live in a dusty town on the edge of the outback, and visits to the 'big smoke' are rare these days, and only happen on special occasions, major art exhibitions, flower shows, extra special birthday celebrations.

    The rest of the time, I am here in my little office, communicating with the world via my beloved computer. I look forward to the life of a carefree retiree, with both time and money to indulge myself in my hobbies and interests. Able to travel when I please, I will surely raid the perfume counters of the big department stores in Melbourne and come back laden with lusciously packaged parcels full of delicious scents, and pleasant dreams.

    I am accumulating a big list of "must trys" that will surely drive my other half mad over time. He's already bored with being asked to sniff my wrist and offer an opinion. But he cannot use words like 'okay' or 'nice'. Half hearted and unuseful terms are banned in this house. He will learn to wax lyrical about fragrances, and to shake his head vigorously at those he doesn't like as 'too skanky'

    Anyway, what is 'skanky'? It's an intriguing term, but totally meaningless to me. Somebody tell me!!!

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    haha, well I'm also in my office typing...and going offtopic))sorry, but yout question deserves an answer...
    ''skanky'' or skank smell was unknown to me to, so I googled and(well you don't want to know what the google said about that)) found out what it actually refers to in a prefume industry- it is a scent that has animalistic components such as civet,castoreum, amber,musk...etc. 'cause those components have a very skin-like smell, they are heavy,sweaty,leathery and most of those components actually s.t.i.n.k...that's why ''skanky'' perfumes smell like urine,dirty skin,unwashed stuff(well, so they say and I totally agree...)
    grerat examples of ''skanky'' scents are so called ''old ladies''scents such as- Chanel No5,Mitsouko,Villoresi Alamut,Mona di Orio stuff, Teo Cabanel scents, T.Fennell Scent,Bandit, Guet Apens, Bal a Versailles, Rochas Femme,Agent provocateur Maitresse....
    they are considered very sexy,carnal,and appealing to men...
    why?I recon it's because of the pheromons that have an effect on a male's brain that saying- ooo, this female oozes something very strange yet sexy, smells like....well-sex))..they dig that big time!

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Thank you for your charming explanation.

    I'll now be looking for that 'skanky' element in those older perfumes. I can immediately identify the element in Chanel 5.

    Yes I know what you mean about perfumes that produce an undercurrent of animalistic scents. And they probably do have the associations with hormones and sexuality.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Let us know what you think once you receive the bottle.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Well, the jury is in about 'Apres l'Ondee'. It really isn't me. It just smells strange on me. I have tried it on three separate occasions now and have had the same reaction. There's just not enough of a violet note to please me, And perhaps I do not like Heliotrope. I can't say I have even bent down to smell one in a long time, but thought of it as its common name "cherry pie' which ought to be pleasant.

    My husband liked it, though he said it didn't really smell "like a perfume". That's probably because it's a Guerlain. An SA at a big department store whom I quizzed about its authenticity said that Guerlains "take getting used to", but probably not 'this little black duck".

    Ah well, it'll definitely have trade value on the forum. I only hope that I am more positive about L'Heure Bleue when it comes. Even if I'm not, that'll also have trade value here I guess.

    So it's onward and upward in my search for new perfume experiences. I have L'Heure Bleue, Tocade, Toccadilly, Mitsouko, Mitsouko and Miss Dior coming. I got samples of all but L'Heure and Toccadilly this time, so it ought to be lot of fun to get these new additions.

    Isn't life wonderful!!!


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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Where did you buy it? I am having difficulty finding it. It is not sold in the US. I found a couple of places in the UK but they are not bargains, by no stretch of imagination. I am looking at ebay as well but the options are limited.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I swapped for my bottle with a trusted partner from the EU.

    And incidentally, I am moving to Chicago in three days -- do you have any recommendations for fragrance shops in Chicago?

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    As for where it is found in the US, the Guerlain counter at Bergdorf Goodman NYC should have the whole collection. But I remember seeing AO in other places as well, last year (ie Saks or Neiman).

    Barney's is probably the best place to shop for niche in Chicago.


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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Wow - Welcome to Chicago! It is a very exciting place to live. I enjoy the view to Millenium Park from my office window every day and feel very blessed to be part of this incredible beauty and sophistication. As far as the places for perfume, I would go with the upscale department stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Even though I am not sure about the direction of Neiman Marcus regarding Guerlain's titles. I stopped by at their Northbrook locatiion at lunch (I live on the north side and work from home on Wedesdays); they only had samples of Guerlain's most popular titles (Shalamar, Jicky, Chamade, Mitsouko) and not a single retail bottle to sell - ouch! I absolutely loved Chamade and should re-read Sagan's novel - this perfume just envelopes one in this aura of love, happiness, and femininity. Macy's selection at the stores in pitiful; they only had Shalamar at their signature store on State street.
    By the way, Apres L'Ondee is discontinued in the US and is pretty difficult to come by. Other good places for perfume are designer boutiques. For example, Chanel is a fun place to get familiar with their elusive Les Exclusifs. It is an exciting adventure; I've done it a couple of years ago when Iwas hunting for Chanel # 22 and had to do an extensive research to understand the reason for its dissapearence from the department stores).
    Last edited by SleeplessinChicago; 29th June 2011 at 09:04 PM.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Hi Sleepless in Chicago
    I checked my source of Apres l'ondee and found I bought it through Amazon UK (Beauty Encounter) It is still available there for 69 English Pounds, which equates to approximately US$97. It was extremely hard to get hold of when I tried earlier in the year.

    I doubt that Apres l'Ondee will ever be found as a bargain anywhere. I would be very skeptical about any bargain, since it is a highly beloved niche perfume, and shouldn't really be discounted severely anywhere.


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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    I find Apres L'Ondee rather strange, too. I agree with your husband, LiliB - it doesn't smell like perfume to me. It's an odd fragrance. Not unpleasant, but just not for me. I keep trying periodically, though, because I want to *get it*, to understand why it is so esteemed. Perhaps I'm just not subtle enough.

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    Default Re: Apres L'Ondee

    Thank you, Lili!

    In fact, I came across Apres L'ondee on yesterday. I looked some more today hoping to find a better deal with no luck. I ended up ordering directly from the merchant ( using 10% discount coupon I found online and paying 3.5 pounds instead of 8 pounds in shipping fees. I am really looking forward to trying the perfume out. It has been an exciting adventure.

    Irina (SleeplessinChicago)

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