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    Hallo everyone!

    Just came back from a visit to Harvey Nichols where I smelled a lot of good stuffa. First time tried Neroli Portofino and loved it. However I've got a feeling that Tom Ford has been reading basenotes and what he done was he amped Clinique Happy for Men about 10 times. Or is it something else that it reminds me of. Anyway I love it!! What's your view of NP?

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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    I think it's an amped up Eau de Cologne. I applaud Tom Ford for making the classic Eau de Cologne formula last so long and project so well.

    That being said, I don't think it's quite on par with any classic Eaux. Their politeness and fleeting nature is part of what makes them special, to me.

    However, Neroli Portofino is still a good one - Happy for Men by Clinique is mainly a (synthetic) citrus fragrance. Neroli Portofino reeks of the classic Eau de Cologne recipe.

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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    I love it too.

    It is really my only classic EDC-esque fragrance, because it lasts. I personally am not going to spend any money on some fleeting 30 minute fragrance.
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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    What I should probably mention is that I smelled the edp version in the blue bottle.

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    All the Tom Ford Private Blends are Eau de Parfum. I've heard that the juice in the new "Sea Blue" bottle ("reminiscent of the seas and sky in Portofino") is the same fragrance as the original black bottle - but wears a little lighter. The ""s are from the sales associate.

    Neroli Portofino was one of the first 5 I bought in one fail swoop 3 years ago. I jumped head first into "niche" thanks to an amazing SA at Las Vegas Neiman Marcus and a Details article that recommended Italian Cypress. I remembered thinking NP was lighter than the others (Black Violet, Purple Patchouli, Amber Absolute) though similar in strength to Italian Cypress. Its great for layering (I love it with Virgin Island Water.)

    I love the line for its strength and I can see for those who don't like monster frags - NP is a nice intro to the line.

    I am tempted to rebuy the NP because the bottle is gorgeous (just like I am tempted to get the Lavender Palm from the LA boutique for the gold plated bottle.)

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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    Don't find it appealing at all.

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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    I'm a huge fan of it. The new blue bottle is beautiful. I went through a 50ml bottle last summer - it works so well in the heat a humidity. And yes, it is very similar to 4711, and other numerous Eau de Colognes, which costs only a fraction of NP's asking price. But the fact that it smells natural and yet lasts forever, is a reason enough for me to own it.
    I actually bought my bottle on ebay for a decent price, I think it was around $80.

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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    Got a card sample from Tom Ford this weekend and think it smells really nice. Reminds me a lot of Bergamotto Marino by Gianfranco Ferre.
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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    I just bought it. I tried it on the weekend and I think it's simply beautiful.
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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    I was thinking of getting this for my bf. My only reservation is something about it left an impression of (sweet tarts candy) -- so that part is holding me back.

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    Default Re: neroli portofino

    Love this one; one of my favorite weekend scents. I also think 4711 except it lasts longer.

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