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    Default "wintery" or "summery"

    Do you prefer "wintery" or "summery" scents as signature perfume, or generally as a favorite fragrance?

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    Have no preference. Like them all.

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"


    I don't think it really matters in terms of a signature scent. The best scents tend to transcend season and just smell good no matter what, IMO.

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    Most of my favorite scents tend to be heavier, so I voted for wintry...

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    I'm with KMF.

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    I think usually the most popular fragrances wintry type, due to complexity and staying power

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    lol. IMHO: Not a good question in my books. I think the perfume industry can do more with darker scents then lighter aquatic type scents. It becomes more of an experience to the wearer then lighter summer type scents, creating a greater impact or impression on the wearer.

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    LOL!! seems ideas for polls are running dry!! Surely in winter - a "wintery" frag is preferable, and in summer - a "summery" frag more preferable. Personally, it depends on my mood that particular day, and would never like to choose between. It's like asking to choose between guitar music or piano music, or do you like morning or afternoon better!!!!
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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    Quote Originally Posted by KMF View Post
    Most of my favorite scents tend to be heavier, so I voted for wintry...
    Same here.

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"


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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    Wintery: having a hard time picking summer scents.
    Good thing: over here the winters are longer then the summers are.

    Never want to wear summer scents in the winter, but when it's summer I really miss my winter fragrances.
    If that makes any sense...

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    Default Re: "wintery" or "summery"

    I don't adhere to the summer/winter and day/night 'rules'. For me and my tastes, all fragrances suit all occasions but I do follow my mood. I prefer floral, mossy, woody and citrus scents combined into one perfume so I don't know what that would come under? A thunderstorm in spring perhaps.
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