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    Hey guys, I'm 14 y/o and I'm looking to have a full lineup of colognes for any situation. Right now I'm using Chanel Allure Sport for everyday/casual use. I now need a date scent and a night out/dance scent. Any suggestions are helpful, thanks.

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    Burberry London

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    get jean paul gaultiers le male
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    That's a bit tough J223 because there's so many fragrances to choose from. I'd suggest going to a department store and testing out as may as you can to see what you like. If you're still not sure what to buy after that then we might be able to provide suggestions based on any you particularly liked or disliked.

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    My teen fragrance suggestion is Only the Brave by Diesel. Don't let the bottle (or that they're a jeans company) fool you, it's an excellent fragrance!

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