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    Default Bond no.9 Fashion Avenue! What do you think?

    I've always had a thing for Bond no.9 fragrances despite calling them Creed "knock-offs". To me they are all reminders of many past memories. I adore many of them: Park Avenue, Nuits de Noho, Chinatown, Bryant Park, High Line...

    There is one that intrigues me the most though - FASHION AVENUE.

    Recently I've swapping a lot, and have been super generous for little Bond no.9 bon-bons. I am just ready to try them all! Fashion Avenue took mh breath away. It is somehow powdery, slightly flowery but very different than anything else I ever smelled. It is impossible to compare it to any of the Creeds etc. It is just so unique! Judging by the list of notes, I didn't think it would be the best one for me. I am not crazy about Ylang-ylang nor mimosas. But yet it turned out to be the most beautiful perfume I ever had a chance to smell!

    When I googled it, there is no reviews on it, there is barely any comments. I know there is a few member reviews here and on makeupalley, but none of the fragrance blogs ever had it mentioned in a real perfume review. Is it really so overlooked? Aren't there ANY fans of it out there? I just want to know because I adore Fashion Ave so much!

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    Default Re: Bond no.9 Fashion Avenue! What do you think?

    Welcome to Basenotes, Highline.

    I didn't care for Fashion Avenue, personally (the Bond No. 9s I've tried generally don't seem to work for me) and didn't see reviews on blogs, but there are also some reviews on Fragrantica:

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    Default Re: Bond no.9 Fashion Avenue! What do you think?

    Personally not a fan of this one or actually any from the line. I think there are many out there much better.

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    Default Re: Bond no.9 Fashion Avenue! What do you think?

    Can't say I've smelled Fashion Avenue, but I'm a fair-weathered Bond No. 9 fan. I love (LOVE) Wall Street and the Hamptons, but was a bit disappointed with lots of their others. They're definitely a try before you buy house for me.

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    Default Re: Bond no.9 Fashion Avenue! What do you think?

    Thanks so much for welcoming me here, guys! I was just wondering why there isn't a review of it on any of the bigger perfume blogs!

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