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    Default Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    OK, at the moment leather is my thing. I'm attracted by both these scents but I won't buy both. Or at least that would be the reasonable thing to do. LM is the more wearable for sure: lush, seductive, equally industrial and oriental: a scent while PdE is more of an olfactory picture for me. It brings in an instance rooms, furniture, leather suitcases, dried flowers. Feels like a place from an old movie, a place I've visited in my dreams.
    Which would you choose? On one hand, I don't lack wearable perfumes and I'd more likely reach for Tom of Finland if I want wearable leather, especially when there are warm months coming. On the other hand, buying a 100ml bottle just for one's own appreciation might be too much. I already have Givenchy Gentleman playing similar role in my wardrobe; this 100ml bottle will last forever. I also have Messe de MInuit, standing somewhere in the middle, 'antique' or almost gourmand/oriental, depending on weather.
    Ok, my doubts aside. What would you choose?

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    Default Re: Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    Lonestar Memories !
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    Default Re: Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    Lonestar Memories

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    Default Re: Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    I would choose Peau d"Espagne. This scent was first created in 1901. So your thoughts are right on (IMO) Beautiful leather with birch(I think) and some sort of resin. A memory scent for sure. I have, love it.

    Cheers Rex
    I saw that!!


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    Default Re: Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    Peau d'Espagne.

    I found the Tauer a bit too 'sweet smoke' for my tastes, verging on 'foody' which made me uncomfortable.

    The SMN, well, like you said it is a bit more abstract of a smoke/leather. If I had to compare it to any other scent it would be Burning Barbershop by DS & Durga.
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    Default Re: Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    These two are my favourite leather frags! (along with Vierges et Toreros) I chose Lonestar Memories as my birthday present and the only negative thing I have to say about it is that it only comes in 50 ml. flacons....I definitely fell for this perfume, it has one of the most daring openings i've smelled, but it's nonetheless enveloping, fresh, sweet, deep, harsh, and ohh...that hint of jasmin through the smoke and leather it's so dreamy....kinda "post-modern James Dean" (!!!???)
    About Peau D'Espagne: my next perfume on the "to buy" list! What can I say, like LM it has monstrous lasting power, it's dark, balsamic and less smoky than LM in the opening, and the drydown is also terrificowdery, woody and rich in florals, I cannot think of my wardrobe without this masterpiece, while it's very (VERY) old fashioned, and classy (I rarely wear a suit...) its evoking power is just incredible, almost like being in an elegant smoking parlour in the late '800s and drinking brandy while admiring a Tissot have to get them both, sooner or later, no choice.

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    Default Re: Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    It's much more unique.
    I own it and nothing else in my collection smells even remotely like it.
    It's one of a kind.
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    Default Re: Lonestar Memories or Peau D'Espagne?

    I've only smelled Lonestar Memories. Unique and about as unsafe of a fragrance that I've ever put my nose on. If I lived in a cold environment this might be my signature scent. Living in a hot climate there's no way in the world I'd even attempt this. Alfarom's review of this in the directory is a spot on review. Really helped me understand this fragrance.
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