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    Default Notes of Jannat Al-Firdous or scents that are similar to it? Thinking of buying it from Attar Bazaar

    Attar Bazaar does not give notes but it's a traditional Arabian scent so I thought I could find information somewhere. But I am getting a bunch of conflicting notes and descriptions from the few places I can find them. Can anyone describe Janat Al-Firdaus (any brand), review it, or compare it to some other scents please? Thanks in advance!

    I am also considering Nour, Sweet Musk, and Oriental Kush and would love any info anyone might be able to share about those as well. Sort of curious also about Blue Nile, Tunisian Myrrh, and Tunisian White Musk.

    I should add I am looking for distinctly feminine scents, not unisex or masculine scents.
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    Default Re: Notes of Jannat Al-Firdous or scents that are similar to it? Thinking of buying it from Attar Ba

    I'm bumping this thread because yesterday I bought blind Swiss Arabian Jannat al Firdous at an islamic bookstore. My previous experiences with SA were good (Mukhallat Maliki and Mukhallat Shahama), so I thought that $10 were worth risking.

    Interestingly, the little packet bears the name Givaudan, the first time I see an aromachemical company name on the box. Givaudan is the "Swiss" part of the equation, which, back when SA was founded, was probably a sign of quality in the Gulf.

    Anyway, the purple oil smells like a concentrated version of the cheap soaps one can find at dollar stores, with a disturbing soapiness and a huge synthetic note, which smells one like one of those powerful molecules that require some heavy thinking on the part of marketers to associate with a real flower or fruit. Peony perhaps? or the all too common gardenia? On the web, I couldn't find any mention of the notes. Perhaps they just gave up.

    Anybody familiar with this monster?

    Luckily, the second blind purchase, the equally cheap Khaleeji by the Indian company Mukhalat al Salaam, was a vanishingly faint, but not offensive, synthetic oud with some oriental spices.


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