This is to everyone who has tried both: Chinatown and Lexington Avenue. Or anyone who is thinking about trying these scents, but is unsure of how similar they are. I've known Chinatown for like 6 years now. since the very first time I tried it - I have been strongly in love with it's beautiful, sweet, intoxicating fragrance. I will never ditch Chinatown for anything else - it's just one of a kind, very unique scent that's been a favorite of mine for many years and always will be. Just recently I've received a TON of Bond no.9 bon-bons. Two of them were of the same kind: Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue.

When I dabbed Lexington Avenue on my wrist... the first thought that came to my mind was: "Chinatown!". I kept smelling my wrist, over and over, one dab, one sniff, one more dab, one more sniff... I was just so shocked!! They are so similar in their structure, I kept thinking I am crazy! I quickly ran to my laptop and located both of these fragrances on the Bond website. I compared their notes very carefuly:

Chinatown - peach blossoms, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli, cardamom.

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue - blue cypress, fennel, roasted almonds, pink peony, crème brulée, sandalwood.

There is not one ingredient in both of these fragrances that is the same, not ONE!!

Today I dabbed them both: left wrist Chinatown, right wrist Lexington Avenue.

Left wrist: an overpowering sweetness, ripe peaches with a candy-like flavor.
Right wrist: a very similar to Chinatown sweetness, yet a bit tempered by a spicy/fruity like accord.

10 minutes later the overpowering sweetness of Chinatown is not even slowing down at all, the candy-like accord is racing so fast on my skin. If you don't have a sweet tooth - stay away from Chinatown. It is also very linear in the fact that it never turns less sweet as the time goes by. Sweet, sweet and super sweet! LOVE IT.
Lexington Avenue deepens with an even more spicy note. Now I can smell the crème brulée. It somehow reminds me of a cross between Chinatown and Mandarine-Mandarin by Serge Lutens. Very dusky, spicy and sweet yet it's a bit more tempered as opposed to Chinatown.

Verdict: If anyone has tried Chinatown, and loved it, as myself, but couldn't stand the super-intoxicating sweetness of it, please give Lexington Avenue a try.

After about an hour - they still smell like twin sisters! Let me just say that Lexington is the one that's 5 minutes older. It might be that in a sweet, oriental gourmand from Bond no.9, it doesn't matter exactly what gourmand ingredients are being used as notes, the base note comes out smelling like either Chinatown or Lexington Ave - it's just the way sweet/gourmand smells from Bond no.9!

I need both of them, I want to have them both! Which one is better for me? I can't say - love them both too much. Even for me, they will always be twin sisters. Can't take 'em apart, gotta love 'em!

What do you guys think?