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    Default Corine de Farme - Ocean Titanium

    I apologize if I am posting in the wrong section as I am new to this site. I am unfortunately not very well informed in the area of fragrances, however someone I care about deeply is and I am trying to surprise him. He mentioned he would like to find a bottle of Ocean Titanium but wasn't sure if it was discontinued or not. I did some searching and found it listed in an "encyclopedia of perfume" to be associated with sarbec and under corine de farme but whether or not it was discontinued it was not stated. Anyways I did find what I suppose is the same line, Ocean neptunium and Ocean original, but unfortunately I live in Canada and they only ship to Europe and the UK.

    So my question is this, does anyone out there know if Ocean Titanium is actually discontinued,and whether or not it is, is it at all possible to find a bottle of it?

    Also, if I cannot find it, I would still like to get my hands on the Ocean Neptunium and Original so would anyone be willing to be a proxy shipper, as in, would anyone who lives in the UK or in Europe accept a payment that covers the price of all shipping, the product, and any other fees, plus an additional fee for their help, to ship me these bottles?

    Thank you so much for your help, and I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to post, as a new member I am not allowed to post in the "wanteds" section.

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    Default Re: Corine de Farme - Ocean Titanium

    I have not heard of this perfume, but it has a fascinating name. I do hope someone sees your post and is able to help you!

    For reference sake, I am reposting the information xtinalaw talks about, from the Perfume Intelligence ( website. What a cool website, by the way!

    Ocean Titanium / Corine de Farme / 1998

    In association with Sarbec; created by Nejla Bsiris ; a woody masculine fougère fragrance with notes of citrus, green fougère, florals, amber and woods
    'Sounds very nice! If you are not able to find it, perhaps some Basenotes members can suggest something similar. So many things are discontinued. And I have not heard of this one before. I'd surely remember such a name!
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    Default Re: Corine de Farme - Ocean Titanium

    thanks! I certainly hope so too! It's been a frustrating search since I found out the company only ships in France and Belgium. I have tried emailing them, and several international shipping companies but still no luck.
    Thanks for posting the reference btw! =)

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    Default Re: Corine de Farme - Ocean Titanium


    I have just finished my bottle of this Titanium, and too was also looking where I could purchase a bottle. The bottle I bought was purchased in Estonia, bit far to go on the off chance of getting one.

    Will look back here later, to see if anyone finds a place to purchase this

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