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    Default Shipping within Australia

    I bought from overseas quite a few times like many other fellow basenoters (only once a packet with samples was inspected by the quarantine department, as witnessed by the sticker they used to re-seal it, and made it safely to my home, so, i guess it is ok with customs to allow perfumes from overseas into Australia), i now found a seller in WA that has a frag i'd like to acquire, but apparently Auspost does not allow shipments of perfume within the country using their services.

    Somewhere i read some post offices put a stickers saying something "by road transport only" or something similar, whereas other offices just say NO to avoid to have a look at the rules and policies books.

    Does anyone know a courier who does the shipping at a reasonable cost (i think couriers please does, but you may have to be a member or buy a set of coupons) or if there is a way to ship LEGALLY via Auspost anyway?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Shipping within Australia

    Standard parcel post goes by road so I have sent and received frags that way. Not sure about couriers though.

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    Default Re: Shipping within Australia

    Thanks a lot for the reply laph.

    Apparently regular (the "standard" denomination does not appear on Auspost's website) parcel is subjected to Dangerous goods regulations and policies and it is not a viable option:

    I just imagine that the post people (and police) can't be bothered checking, confiscating and penally charging customers for doing it. And i hate "gray" situations, as, at least theorethically, they may turn VERY ugly and end up in court (making the happiness of a lawyer).
    It really looks like the PERFECT case for one of those full page local reports that appear on our newspapers at least once a week about law abiding citizens being treated like criminals when real crooks roam the streets. Which are already pretty irritating to read. I'd hate to be the next protagonist.

    If you have a link to Auspost or any other reliable resource to prove the perfume enthusiast's point about lawful shipping, that would be very highly appreciated. And thanks in advance for that

    Ridiculous, though, thinking how many 'bay perfumes enter this country from overseas every day (without which we would all be stuck with cheap joops and some high profile juice at 3-4 times the price)
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    Default Re: Shipping within Australia

    I won't argue with laph's experience - or a number of other Australian BNers - and I have purchased a few things on eBay which have found their way to my door.

    That said, whenever I've attempted to send perfume, Australia Post have never budged on the 'we don't transport perfume' line.

    The easiest (?) option is to lie about what's in the box. (NB, this I could never do. I'm pathalogically honest).

    Couriers will cost an arm and a leg.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: FWIW I have tried the "can you send it by road" option at three post offices - the GPO, the Post Office in my nearest 'regional' shopping centre; and my local post office sub-branch and got the same answer each time.

    Also - sorry Ordense, your second post wasn't there when I was drafting this one.
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    Default Re: Shipping within Australia

    Thanks Dr_Rudi for your contribution. I think the perfumes from overseas are considered like those shipped by Australian sellers with a dangerous goods shipping licence.

    Basically the licence, from what I've gathered reading around, is obtained simply showing the authorities that as a professional seller, the perfumes will be packed in such a way that if they fall or put under the weight of other parcels, they will not break. Or at least that risk is minimized.
    Reading how VERY popular (pricewise, but impopular for many other reasons) internet sellers, like fragrancenet or fragrancex, pack their stuff, it is very hard to believe those leakage prevention rules are observed. Still, I'm pretty sure they sell a LOT to Australian customers
    Like you said, i'm also quite sure dozens, even hundred of perfumes travel throughout this country disguised as something else.

    A private seller, though, has to become a semi-criminal if he or she wants to sell a perfume (usually at a loss, certainly not to make profits), although he is more likely to pack the bottle VERY well. Almost certainly better than a warehouse seller that saves on everything, including packing materials.

    Not to mention that to break a perfume bottle you would probably have to smash it with a hammer (twice).

    "Couriers please" seems to offer a service to ship satchels up to 1kg for $7.50 (+GST), but i don't know if you have to buy a minimum amount of coupons or it can be done as a one off thing. I'll definitely look into it and post about it when I find out. Also, it looks like they do their services shipping goods via road transport

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    Default Re: Shipping within Australia

    According to Couriers please's terms and conditions perfumes are allowed (they are class 3 dangerous goods. The only thing i find dangerous about perfumes is their price, though):
    "Dangerous Goods
    CouriersPlease does NOT carry dangerous goods, except for allowable quantities of cosmetics, beauty products and a maximum 20 litres of Class 3 Goods. Dangerous goods carried by your courier must be consigned according to the relevant Dangerous Goods regulations. All goods must be accompanied by a declaration and have conforming packaging. Combined quantities on a vehicle must be under the limits required by a vehicle to avoid carrying dangerous goods signage. CouriersPlease does NOT carry dangerous goods to intrastate or interstate destinations"
    I'll give 'em a call tomorrow

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    Default Re: Shipping within Australia

    And here is a nice example:
    So: You buy the perfume from someone who knows how to deal with that dangerous explosive material called perfume, notoriously used to blow up buildings and make improvised explosive devices worldwide. Upon receiving the box, you find you don't like what you ordered. You re-pack it without having passed a dangerous goods licence exam, and you can return it via Australian postal service. Or is that seller counting on the fact that no customer can legally return a perfume, so, he's basically stuffed and has to keep it?

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