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    I recently purchased Terre D' Hermes Parfum and have worn it roughly 4-5 times now and I really enjoy it, however I feel each tiem i wear it i get a different scent if that makes any sense. Some days i get the strong orange and it last for 12+ hours and other days the overal smell of the fragrance is different and i'm too new to explain what the difference is but i feel like i can't get any consistency with how it behaves on my skin.

    Is this one that is better to spray a little bit away from the skin and not so close to it? maybe 6 inches or so? I've read something similiar to what i'm experiencing in another thread a while back but does anyone else get this?

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    It can depend on the temperature and humidity that day, it could depend on what you ate the day before...or maybe your nose picks up on one particular aspect of the scent that day and won't let go . If you want to experience the "true" nature of the scent, you can try spraying it on a t-shirt/piece of cloth and leave somewhere. Go sniff it every now and then, now you should get the scent and the development without any interference of you skin.
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    Thanks for the response. That's a good idea and i will go ahead and spray it on card so i can see how it develops and smells without skin interaction. Obvioulsy i know thats not going to give me a indication of how it smells on skin. I think this may be one of the frags where application can really change the scent. Maybe i need to play around with sprying very close, to further away from the skin to see if i get different aspects of TDH.

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    Well i put it on my left arm today just to try out around the house and i sprayed it much closer to the skin and it smells great and dwhat i'm use to smelling. I will try it on the other arm just misting it on to see how it compares.

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    It wears the same on me every time I apply it. I don't notice any subtle differences.

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    A lot of factors affect that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    It wears the same on me every time I apply it. I don't notice any subtle differences.
    same here, maybe It´s up to olfactory fatigue that makes you feel it in different way each time.
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    Less is more in any form of TdH. 3 - 4 sprays max on the EdT. 2 - 3 sprays for the Parfum. Try 1 on the back of the neck, 1 on the chest, and 1 on the inner elbow or you can do both inner elbows if you want others to really smell this.
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    I'll give that a try and go less with the sprays. Thanks

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    I love it. Just picked it up last week. I've worn it 4x now. Love it more and more. I think it will be my signature scent... Longevity is great ! I never had any luck with Hermes Orange Verte in the 80's for longevity, but I loved it. It would last 30 minutes at the most.

    TDH is awesome !

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