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    Exclamation Pls help me choose ;))

    i want to purchase a scent but it has to be a sexy one

    i can't make up my mind between:

    FM- Musc Ravageur or Kilian -Love

    Wich one will has the most chance to (get) seduce(d)?
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    Default Re: Pls help me choose ;))

    I love Musc Ravageur - but on me Get the Carnal Flower!!!

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    Default Re: Pls help me choose ;))

    I don't remember By Killian Love in particular, though I'm sure I tested it. Musc Ravageur is nice, but fades to nearly nothing on my skin quickly, watered down sandalwood. Go with what smells best on your skin. Ask for opinions of people that can smell it on you. Half of sexiness and seduction really comes from attitude, so whatever gives you confidence and makes you feel it.
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    Default Re: Pls help me choose ;))

    Of the two, Musc Ravaguer. But I agree with the Carnal Flower recommendation.
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    Default Re: Pls help me choose ;))

    I love them both and wear them ,but for MR there is always something about smelling different on skin . As far as I know Love will not change dramatically and if you tested and like it my advice it to take by Killian. When I want to seduce I 'll choose Love , when I want to impress I'll take MR

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    Default Re: Pls help me choose ;))

    The Musc Ravageur with no reservations.

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    Default Re: Pls help me choose ;))

    I'll have to go with Musc Ravageur because men really like it. ( BUT Carnal Flower is amazing ! )

    ( Oh choices ! By Kilian Love is gorgeous if you love sweeet .......)
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    Default Re: Pls help me choose ;))

    oh i really love sweet but i already have so many of them in my wardrobe then again LOVE is just one you got to have as well

    MR is the best indeed! carnal flower as well but for some reason it doesn't smell so good on me anymore as before :-( (think i should loose a few pounds)

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