Hi everyone. Sorta new here. Been reading lots, posting a little. If you look at my wardrobe, most of it is items I have tried in the past and some current ones. I tend to have and mostly use Chanel's. Coco is my current favorite. Dries down warm, sorta sweetly sensual. I do love it, but am looking to broaden my horizons.

Many of the fragrances available to sample in stores in my area are very typical, nothing special. Have been hesitant to shell out for purchased samples only because there are so many I'm overwhelmed by where to start.

Some of the fragrances in my wardrobe no longer work on me. Hormonal changes have done terrible things to my skin and fragrances. I recently gave away a large quantity of Chanel Allure which used to dry down to a delicate warm floral in the pure parfum form. Now it smells like cat urine.

I just seem to be stuck on Chanel's. No. 5 is gone in about an hour on me but smells really good while it's there. Way different than it smelled on my mom even when we sampled from the same bottle.

Though I do love Boucheron's Jaipur Saphir, my husband has a hard time with that one.

Feel I need to lighten it up a bit. Pleasures has begun to bother me. Get headachey with it and it's too common. Have the same problem with aquatic notes.

Was looking at Penhaligon's Anthology Night Scented stock, Bluebell and Patou's 1000. Just based on descriptions here on BN thought I might like them.

Open to suggestions. I'm wanting to expand my knowledge base and my wardrobe. I have quite a few scents that I'm wanting to sell or give away but feel I need to have other likely candidates on the way in!

What am I looking for? Summery light floral that can handle heat and humidity without getting sickly sweet. Florals, orientals, florientals, aldehydes... really open. Haven't really thought of sticking with any one type.

Trying really hard not to get addicted to something discontinued!

Thanks for any and all help!