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    Default The Great Gucci Nobile

    Greetings Basenoters,

    I had to post about Gucci Nobile. This has to be in my wardrobe and sits in my top five. From the 80's and now very sadly discontinued this, to my nose, has to be up there with the greats.

    Citrus, a smooth fresh tobacco, lavender, a wonderful oak moss and vetiver- all which has to be one of the greatest green fragrances ever.

    Oh Gucci!!! Bring it back!!! Don't you know what you've done!!!!

    A beautiful fragrance for a man which gives an air of confidence and masculinity this is one of my must haves and a winner all round. My wife loves it.
    La vita breve, la morte vien.

    Wanted!!! Rectoverso Tea Tobacco by Ulric de Varens. PM Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: The Great Gucci Nobile

    I found it in a department store several years ago, and pounced on it immediately. It's a good one. A bit sharp for warm weather wear, but fine in cool temperatures. Zesty green masculine fragrance. Shame that it's gone.

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    Default Re: The Great Gucci Nobile

    One of my favorite fragrances by far. I remember always getting wiffs of this as a young teenager, hence it seems to be a part of my DNA.

    Such a demise, indeed.
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    Default Re: The Great Gucci Nobile

    I love it!
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    Default Re: The Great Gucci Nobile

    Quote Originally Posted by Nasenmann View Post
    I love it!

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    Default Re: The Great Gucci Nobile

    I've got Nobile, and while I like it a lot - well - to me it's always seemed like more of an office scent then anything else.
    It would be the last scent I think of for going out at nights, or for casual wear.
    What occasions do you think it suits extra well?

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    Default Re: The Great Gucci Nobile

    absolutely love this one. this one has a permanent spot in my wardrobe.

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