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    Default Question with aquatic notes.

    hey all. So, here is my dilemma. Ive been looking into two aquatic fragrances, Sel Marin and Erolfa. Both are obviously aquatic, and have both been noted for smelling "briney and salty", not sweet at all.... at least, so say other reviews. When i spray them on, they both smell... well, really what i can only describe as blue: watery, airy and sweet. Its not like a candy sweetness, nor is it the sweetness of less aquatics like AdG... but salty doesnt come to mind at all (though, as i said, i do get the watery feel). My question is, is that the way salty marine scents are interpreted, or is my nose really that simplistic in that i cannot see the difference.

    On a side note, both samples were purchased from luckyscent, so i cant pretty much guarantee their authenticity. Furthermore, this isnt a complaint as i enjoy both scents a lot, im just really confused as to whether or not im doing it wrong. Thanks

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    Default Re: Question with aquatic notes.

    I've only tried Erolfa, not Sel Marin, but I do find that a lot of synthetic smells come off as sweet to me. Like the smell of toner or an overheating computer - those have a sweetness to my nose. It's not like anything you'd eat, but I do think it smells sweet.

    And I can only speak for Erolfa, but there's a considerable ammount of sweet citrus under that aquatic note, so I think it's fair to call it sweet.

    So I don't think your nose is off at all...
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    Default Re: Question with aquatic notes.

    They both come off a little sweet to me too.

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    Default Re: Question with aquatic notes.

    okay, good. Im glad im not completely crazy and/or broken. If anyone else can offer some advice, or their two cents, itd be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Question with aquatic notes.

    Of the two, I've only smelled Erolfa, and I'd agree that there's a sweetness to it, both in the citrus and in the base, which to me seems to be similar to other Creed house bases. The bases always seem sweet to me. Musky, ambery sweet, not really foody gourmet vanilla sweet, but still a little sweet.

    For a less sweet aquatic, try Tonatto's Oltre. There's some sweetness there, but it's coming from a light floral note, and maybe the vegetal sweetness of seaweed. I'm not sure that a salty note would last long without some sweetness to carry it along.

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